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Adam and Symon: ‘We spend more time together than with our girlfriends’

This week, our Goggleboxers are signing off for another season. But while viewers might miss their company, Adam and Symon insist they'll still be watching plenty of TV together even while the cameras aren't rolling! The duo shares their highlights from the season - and spill on what's ahead, both on and off the couch.

Are you feeling exhausted after all your TV watching guys?

Adam: It’s hard to feel exhausted when you’re just sitting on a couch. And this season has just flown by, But maybe that’s because we've been having nanna naps on the couch.  

You're not living together anymore but arguably you must be spending more time together than...

Adam: Than with our girlfriends? Yeah, we want to keep that one on the down low.

What has been your favourite show to watch this season?

Adam: Unashamedly Married at First Sight.

Symon: That MAFS season was out of control. It was so drama-filled it was almost like fiction. If you wrote it into a book or a movie people would be like, "That’s ridiculous, that would never happen". But it’s real people and they actually did the things that they did. It was like, guys do you not realise we’re all here watching?

Adam: Do these people seriously not realise there are cameras on them? We realise there are cameras on us and we’re in the lounge but these people are being followed around. 

Symon: I’m also thoroughly enjoying Bachelor in Paradise. I’m really liking it because it's got all of the interesting characters - and I definitely say characters deliberately - of The Bachelor, all put on an island. It’s brilliant.

Adam: Should we be saying something more intellectual here?

Symon: I also really like Sky News.

The boys haven't been afraid to share their opinions this season

You became feminist icons of sorts for your outrage at the way some of the men were acting on MAFS. Did you realise your comments would reverberate so much in lounge rooms around Australia?

Symon: I definitely didn’t. You sit there and talk and be yourself and then people come up to you and say, "What you said was fantastic, it means a lot, I can help teach my son how to behave." So I guess credit to our parents because we’re just being us. It’s just the beliefs we’ve been raised with. 

Adam: It’s quite humbling to be able to contribute your opinion to the conversation. It’s not something many people are fortunate enough to be in the position of but we’ve found ourselves there. It’s nice to throw things out there every now and again that can have an impact.

Do you think you're reflecting the views that modern men do - or should - have in Australia today?

Adam: I think we reflect our parents and our friendship groups. Whether that represents the rest of society, we’ve been lucky enough to grow up in close-knit families and gone to uni together and high school and have had all of the fortunes of education and exposure to travel. So I think it’s more the fortunes in our upbringings and what has got us to where we are today rather than representing society.

Symon: But using MAFS as an example, the universal outrage of what was going on and how people were speaking and acting was probably indicative of where the zeitgeist is at the moment. Most people are not condoning that which is refreshing. When someone does step out of line the masses get on board with what is appropriate behaviour which is nice.

What is the one piece of  TV that has stayed with you through the season?

Adam: Certainly for me the segment that we watched on The Project with the lady who used her best friend as a surrogate because she had CF (cystic fibrosis). There's a couple of people in my life – one girl who passed away when I was younger and then another one who lives with CF - so that hit quite close to home and rocked me a little bit.
Symon: Safe Harbour, the SBS drama where a group of Australians came across refugees. That was so good because it obviously highlighted a big social issue and it showed it from both sides and got people thinking about what they would do. I really enjoy shows that highlight what Australian production can do too.

What was the most surprising show Gogglebox got you into this season?

Adam: The Secret Life of Kids. That was wild. It was like Big Brother for kids in a primary school.

Symon: 24 Hours in A&E. We watched that a couple of times and that’s not something I usually would have watched. It got you to reflect a little bit more which was nice.

The Secret Life of Kids was a surprise hit

Any shows you’re looking forward to turning off now Gogglebox is over for the season?

Adam: MKR. Oh, my God.

Symon: The best part about the Commonwealth Games is that MKR isn’t on while they’re on, not that there’s sport on all the time. It’s fantastic that it’s stopped for two weeks. And they’re only halfway through! How are they only halfway through?! 

Are there shows you wish were on while Gogglebox was filming?

Adam: Symon is a big Voice fan.

Symon: Yeah, Delta is back, Kelly Rowland is back. And then there’s just maximum footy.

Adam: I’ve got one – Westworld. April 23, back on showcase. It’s filling my Game of Thrones void.

What are you doing in the break between seasons?

Symon: I’m actually going on a holiday which is nice. So I’m going to Bali in the middle of the year to get away from this cold weather. I’ve got one of those countdown timers going.

Adam: Hopefully I can get out on the golf course a bit more and then there’s footy. But apart from that, not much.

What has changed for you guys this season that we’ve not seen on screen?

Symon: My parents – which is where we actually filmed season one – they’ve sold their house and moved to Ocean Grove which is near the beach. So now I’ve got a beach house.

A: And I’ve got a little niece, her name is Freddie. She’s 10 months old. She’s just started crawling and stuff which is pretty cool. 

So will you start watching more kids TV possibly next season?

Adam: Definitely, I’m all about Emma Wiggle and Peppa Pig.

Is there anything Gogglebox fans don’t know about you?

Symon: I feel like a lot of people tell Adam that he’s a lot taller in real life.

Adam: Symon’s a pretty average cook.

Symon: Terrible cook actually. Say terrible. I don’t know, that’s it.

Okay, we've saved our most hard-hitting question for last: Where do you guys buy your socks?

Symon: It's like when you used to get money for Christmas and birthday presents. People are like, you guys love socks, have heaps of socks for Christmas or heaps of socks for your birthday. I’ve actually had people bring socks into work and say, “I saw these socks and thought of you, here you go.’

Adam: My mum just brought me a pair down for no reason. They're pretty cool, they’ve got flying pigs on them, but I was like mum, I literally have two sock drawers. I have two separate sock drawers and then I have fully separate ones for jocks. Literally, right now, I’m putting out my socks on the bed to count how many I have and I think it’s around 50.

Symon: I had a patient walk into work and say, “Someone gave these socks to my son and he hates them because they're ugly and I thought of you, you’d like them.” I loved them, they were so good.

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