Adam and Symon from Gogglebox Talk Girls, Logies and Gogglebox

With their cheeky one-liners and laid-back boyish humour, it’s easy to see why lovable larrikins Adam and Symon are so popular among Gogglebox fans.

Sharing a love for Game of Thrones and a hatred for Downtown Abbey, these boys take a no holds barred, yet witty approach to tele-watchin’. Both physiotherapists and both extremely down to earth, they typify twenty-something guys with a penchant for beer, trendy socks and pizza.

We caught up with the two of them to talk girls, Logies and of course Gogglebox!

LS: Firstly, congrats on your first Logie! Did you guys celebrate?

S: Thank you, we did have a few cheeky beverages.

A: We thought how anticlimactic if we won a Logie then went to bed.... wouldn’t make for a very good story.  

LS: Adam, now that you’re a Logie winner, have the girls been lining up?

A: No, not at all, I thought it might have given me a point of difference but still...

LS: Symon, you’re off the market – how does your girlfriend feel about you being on Gogglebox? Does she watch it?

S: She does watch it; she thinks it’s hilarious that her boyfriend is on television. Not the things he says, just that he is on television. That doesn’t help me when she is picking her favourite house holds though. She is team Angie and Yvie all the way.

LS: Have your lives changed much since being on Gogglebox?

A: Not really, we’ve become full time workers since we started but that’s about it. A little less afternoon napping which has been a tough adjustment (laughing).

LS: Do people recognise you much when you’re out and about?

S: usually only if we’re together or if people have had a few beverages. Otherwise people tend to look at us with a puzzled face like ‘’I know you from somewhere, do you work at my Coles?’’

LS: You’re both very popular with the Gogglebox fans - any funny fan moments?

A: It’s always funny when people recognise us and say “I love the show, watch it every week. I really love Anastasia and Faye or Mick and Di’’ or whoever their particular favourite is, then follow up with ‘’You guys are alright too, but I really love Anastasia and Faye."

LS: So, just to clarify for everyone, you have lived together previously but you live separately now?

S: No, we’ve never actually lived together. Adam has just become that friend that is always around…whether I home or not, he seems to be there watching TV.

LS: Whose house is Gogglebox filmed in?

A: Sym’s place.

LS: How did you guys come to be on Gogglebox?

A: We were having a few celebratory ales at the pub after uni and someone approached the whole table (about 10 of us) and said we’d be really good for a show they were casting for. We were the only two of our friends that responded (after a very big night and very sore morning after).

LS: If you guys weren’t Physiotherapists – what would you be and why?

A: Symon’s always going on about his hair, he’ll probably say hair model or shampoo spokesperson – though I don’t think he washes his hair that often.

S: Adam fancies himself as a primo home chef. Definitely lining himself up a role as ‘Master Chef contestant’ – that or Struggling AFL player.

LS: Why do you think Gogglebox is so successful?

A: I think the main reason is it makes everyone feel better about the things they thought while watching TV. There are 12 households now so everyone can find someone that thinks like they do and says what they’d say.

LS: You both mark Seinfeld as one of your favourite shows - favourite Seinfeld episode?

A: Has to be Soup Nazi.

S: When Jerry and Kramer switch apartments and start blending into each other.

LS: If you were being tortured by being forced to watch a show repeatedly – what show would it be and why?

A: Reruns of Downton Abby – the slowest, politest “drama” that has ever been. It makes Play School look like Making a Murderer.

LS: What’s something people might not know about you both?

S: I’ve played lacrosse since I was about eight years old.

A: I’ve recently made a return to amateur level footy after a few concussions when I was younger.

LS: What is each other’s most annoying habit?

S: Adam has a terrible habit of talking during the best bit of TV shows.

A: Symon’s pantry is always terribly empty, seriously it’s not hard to buy some Doritos every now and then.

LS: And finally, a quick game of F*%k, Marry, Kill – Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen from GOT) and Rachel McAdams?


F*%k - Daenerys, The mother of dragons…because she is the mother of dragons.

Marry - Rachel McAdams, because she made a pretty good soul mate in The Notebook so it might just work out.

Kill – Julia Louise-Dreyfus (only because someone has to die).


F*%k - Rachel McAdams because she already loves Noah so it’s never work.

Marry – Emilia Clarke, because having a few dragons as pets you could totally take over the dog park.

Kill – JLD, because yadda yadda yadda, she died.

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