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Series 3 · Episode 1

Neil Masey and Affy Wajid are looking for a holiday home on Ibiza where they can escape from their busy lives in Brighton. The couple enjoy the party lifestyle of the island with its clubs and restaurants.

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    25 February: 4:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 3 · Episode 2

Rodney and Lynda Palliser from Hertfordshire are looking for an apartment on Mallorca, close to the marina of the island capital Palma where their son lives and works.

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    26 February: 4:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 3 · Episode 3

Now that her children have grown up and are ready to leave home, Ruth Jobey wants to escape from her busy London life to the relaxed town of Oliva on Spains Costa Azahar.

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    27 February: 4:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 3 · Episode 4

Good friends Mike Dawson and Louise Clark want a holiday apartment in the buzzing resort of Sitges near Barcelona. Louise wants somewhere she can escape to with her 2-year old daughter.

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    28 February: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

La Marina Alta

Series 3 · Episode 5

Pia and Stephen Abbott have been married for 35 years and have long dreamt of owning a property in Spain without ever getting around to it.

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    1 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 3 · Episode 6

10 years ago Elsa and Brian Surridge were on the cusp of buying a Spanish property before the financial crisis scared them off. A decade later they're back to find their dream home.

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    4 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Costa Cailda

Series 3 · Episode 7

After years spent demanding careers in nursing and social work, Gillian and Paul Clarke from Stockport have decided its time to start taking it a little easier and put themselves first.

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    5 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 3 · Episode 8

18 months ago Joanne Danson and her husband Bill became foster parents to 3 young children. With their grown-up daughter Jenna and grand-daughter already living next door, Jo decided a holiday home would be perfect.

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    6 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 3 · Episode 9

Derek Hansel and Gina Awoko from Birmingham have fallen in love with the unspoiled countryside of Almeria in Spain. They are looking for a property that they can eventually retire to.

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    7 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 3 · Episode 10

Having sold a successful business, Ruth and Philip Trinder from Northamptonshire want to buy an apartment on the Balearic island of Mallorca, where they can spend half the year.

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    8 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 3 · Episode 11

Debra Mann from Reading has fallen in love with the Bay of the Somme in the north of France, just a stone's throw from Calais where she often spends the weekend with sister Maria.

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    11 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Loire Valley

Series 3 · Episode 12

Martin and Michelle MacClay from Wiltshire have long dreamt of having a holiday home in France to escape from their busy lives along with their 13 year-old daughter Caitlin.

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    12 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 3 · Episode 13

Londoners Gary Fitzgerald and Shahine Korimbocus want a holiday home in the tranquil Limousin area of France where they can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

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    13 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 3 · Episode 14

Francophiles Madeline and Andy Morton from Portsmouth are looking for a holiday home they can fly or drive to in the beautiful rural landscapes of the Charente region in West-Central France.

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    14 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Lot Et Garonne

Series 3 · Episode 15

Karen Wright and Phil Johnston from County Durham dream of retiring to rural France, they have picked the region of Let et Garonne in the South West of the country as the perfect spot.

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    15 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Silver Coast

Series 3 · Episode 16

Steph Fessey and Andy Wynn from Hampshire have decided to move to Portugal's Silver coast to enjoy its weather and relaxing lifestyle.

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    18 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 3 · Episode 17

Ali Harris and Steve Ashby from Poole are dreaming of retiring to Italy to run a very English B&B. They have fallen for rural Abruzzo in the centre of the country, a mountainous region with glorious beaches.

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    19 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Cinque Terre

Series 3 · Episode 18

Now that her children are grown up, single mum of four Helen Broomhead from Cheshire is longing for a bolthole in the picturesque Cinque Terre region of Italy.

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    20 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Hvar Island

Series 3 · Episode 19

Full-time academic Rosie from Ascot in Berkshire has fallen for the Croatian Island of Hvar, and is hoping to find the perfect getaway where she can both work and relax in the company of friends and family.

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    21 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 3 · Episode 20

Hard working couple Lynn and Lee Fox from Rotherham in Yorkshire fell madly in love with Italy when engineer Lee worked for an Italian steel company.

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    22 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Mar Menor

Series 2 · Episode 1

Martin and Val want to retire to the Mar Menor in Southern Spain because they hope its saltwater lagoon might help Martin's osteoarthritis. Will Sara Damergi be able to find a property that takes their breath away?

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    25 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle

Southern Costa Blanca

Series 2 · Episode 2

Reg and Val want to buy a home with beautiful views on the southern Costa Blanca. Sara Damergi shows them just how far their budget will stretch, but can she find Reg and Val a property they both agree on?

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    26 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 2 · Episode 3

Sara Damergi takes Savita and Vinod house hunting in and around the picturesque town of Denia on Spain's Costa Blanca. Will they opt for the convenience of Denia or the amazing views on offer just a little further away?

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    27 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 2 · Episode 4

Peter and Karen from Wiltshire want a bolthole on Spain's Costa Blanca that they can escape to at a moment's notice. Sara Damergi shows them a selection of properties for 50,000 pounds or less.

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    28 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 2 · Episode 5

John and Elaine are looking to make a permanent move to the Alicante region of Southern Spain. The couple have 70,000 pounds to spend on a retirement property and the pressure is on Sara Damergi to find the perfect place.

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    29 March: 4:15pm on Lifestyle