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Torquay vs Albufeira, Portugal

Series 6 · Episode 29

Steve and Jackie Parkes are in the fortunate position of being able to shop for a new property both home and away.

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    8 July: 3:15pm on Lifestyle

Lake District vs Sitges, Spain

Series 6 · Episode 30

With £250k in the bank, Stephen and Stuart want to buy a second home which they can rent out when they're not using it. The only problem is where?

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    9 July: 3:15pm on Lifestyle

Lake District Vs Eastern Pyrenees, France

Series 6 · Episode 31

Andrew and Lesley Breeze want a complete lifestyle change. They’re keen to run a B&B but they can’t decide whether to start their new business in the Lake District or move to the Eastern Pyrenees in France.

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    10 July: 3:15pm on Lifestyle

Kent & Costa Blanca

Series 10 · Episode 3

After dating for 9 years, Angela and Alan have decided its time to buy their first home together, but there's already a problem as they can't agree on where.

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    12 July: 6:30pm on Lifestyle

Ipswich & Perpignan

Series 10 · Episode 4

Recently retired couple Elizabeth and Phillip want to make the most of their hard earned downtime. They've decided to sell up the family home and buy 2 new properties with a budget of 120,000 pounds.

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    12 July: 7:30pm on Lifestyle

Cotswolds & Lanzarote

Series 10 · Episode 5

Bev and Gary met through work, and after 2 years of dating, tied the knot. Now 30 years later, they want to start to wind down and make plans for their retirement. Unfortunately they can't decide where.

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    12 July: 8:30pm on Lifestyle

Cornwall Vs Languedoc, France

Series 6 · Episode 32

French teacher Carol has been dreaming of retiring to France for years, but husband Stephen is wary of French inheritance laws and thinks they should play it safe and move to Cornwall.

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    13 July: 3:15pm on Lifestyle

Surrey Vs St. Cyprien, France

Series 6 · Episode 33

Andy is looking for a new adventure in France, and being a bit of a DIY man, fancies a project.

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    14 July: 3:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 6 · Episode 34

Eric & Maria have lived in Hampshire all their married life. Eric is half French and dreamed of retiring to France but Maria's roots run deep in Romsey & she isn't sure she can tear herself away from friends & family.

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    15 July: 3:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 6 · Episode 35

Having raised most of their six children in Scotland, Geordie Phil wants to move back to his roots in Northumberland. But Liz is dreaming of a warmer lifestyle in south west France with their two youngest children.

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    16 July: 3:15pm on Lifestyle

Colne Estuary/Canal Du Midi

Series 6 · Episode 36

Lisa & Michael want to downsize so they can live a more a stress-free lifestyle close to a waterway. Lisa imagines relocating to the Colne Estuary, but partner Michael is drawn to the more exotic Canal du Midi.

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    17 July: 3:15pm on Lifestyle

Devon & Dorogne

Series 10 · Episode 6

Hertfordshire couple Phil and Geraldine can't wait to both retire and spend more time with their 6 children and grandchildren. But there's a problem...

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    19 July: 6:30pm on Lifestyle

Wiltshire & Carcassonne

Series 10 · Episode 7

Neil and Sarah have lived in 23 different homes over 21 years. Sarah wants a cottage in Wiltshire, while Mark wants their favourite holiday destination into their next home location.

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    19 July: 7:30pm on Lifestyle

Bristol & Estepona

Series 10 · Episode 8

Animal lovers Andrea and Stephen want to start the next phase of their married life with not 1 but 2 new homes. Jonnie impresses with 3 Bristol options for their budget of 140,000 pounds.

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    19 July: 8:30pm on Lifestyle


Series 6 · Episode 37

Paul & Ann Cruxton are dreaming of a fresh start somewhere new for their retirement. Ann is drawn to the Folkestone area of Kent but Paul wants to cross the channel and settle in southern France.

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    20 July: 3:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 6 · Episode 38

Ruth wants to invest in a holiday home. Her daughter Anni wants to persuade her to buy in Cornwall but Ruth loves all things French & thinks she'd rather put her money into a French property, where she might retire to.

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    21 July: 3:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 6 · Episode 39

Chris & Milton want to relocate somewhere they can grow their own veg & indulge their love of culture. Chris is inspired by Croatia & wants a big adventure while Milton sees them settling closer to home in Dorset.

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    22 July: 3:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 6 · Episode 40

Lisa and Tony married three years ago in magical Montenegro & Lisa now wants to buy a home there. But with a budget of 250 pounds,Tony is reluctant and thinks they'd make more use of a holiday home in Cornwall.

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    23 July: 3:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 6 · Episode 41

After being recently widowed, Jan wants a fresh start. But should she move closer to her much loved sister in Kent, or take the bolder step of buying a wreck in Italy which would provide her with a project to keep her busy?

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    24 July: 3:15pm on Lifestyle

Warwickshire/ Antequera

Series 7 · Episode 4

Kim is desperate to start a new life in Spain now but her husband Pete doesn't feel ready to move there just yet. Laura Hamilton and Sara Damergi are on hand to help show them their options.

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    26 July: 7:45am on Lifestyle

East Devon/ Comares

Series 7 · Episode 5

Marc and Lucy dream of escaping the rat race for weekends and holidays with their one year old son. But they're torn between the East Devon of Marc's childhood and Lucy's preferred Comares area of sunny Spain.

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    26 July: 8:40am on Lifestyle

Snowdonia & Sierra Nevada

Series 10 · Episode 9

A year ago, Jo sadly lost her mum and realising life is short, she and her husband Rich, have decide to seize the day and move somewhere new together.

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    26 July: 6:30pm on Lifestyle
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    27 July: 1:25am on Lifestyle

Hampshire & Valencia

Series 10 · Episode 10

Jonnie Irwin and Laura Hamilton go head to head to help Des and Caline, plus their 11 year old daughter Amberley find their dream property.

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    26 July: 7:30pm on Lifestyle


Series 5 · Episode 1

Jonnie Irwin&Jasmine Harman step in to help London based artist Fiona Green who,after 40 years of renting,has finally decided to buy her first home.Trouble is she can't decide where to spend her £350k budget.Will she choose London or Paris?

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    26 July: 8:30pm on Lifestyle


Series 6 · Episode 42

Paul and Chris currently run a BnB in northern France, but are ready for a slower pace of life. They can't decide whether to come home to settle in the Bournemouth area, or move to Sicily where Paul has lived before.

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    27 July: 3:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 6 · Episode 43

Victor and Penny have finished renovating their London home and are ready to invest in a holiday home. Victor would like an easy commute to Kent but Penny has fallen in love with Florence where she spends a month each year.

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    28 July: 3:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 6 · Episode 44

Newly married Ed and Clare are planning to start a family soon and want a larger home to bring up their children in. Ed wants to raise his family in Italy but Clare would rather a family support network in Kent.

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    29 July: 3:15pm on Lifestyle


Series 6 · Episode 45

New grandparents Geoff & Barbara are looking for a second home to enjoy with their growing family. Barbara favours a home in Devon, but Geoff dreams of the sunshine that would come with a holiday home in southern France.

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    30 July: 3:15pm on Lifestyle