60 Minute Makeover with Peter Andre

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Series 11 Episode Guide


Series 11 · Episode 1

Devoted mum and granny, Colleen Bond, gets the surprise of a lifetime when Pete and designer Julia Kendell makeover her home in the style of Downton Abbey, on behalf of daughter Nikki.


Series 11 · Episode 2

Pete and the team surprise London cabbie and single Dad, Roy Johal, with a makeover of his lounge and dining room, and Roy's son Harry gives him back his old bedroom with a Motown twist courtesy of designer Julia Kendell.


Series 11 · Episode 3

The team head to East London to give loving Mum and caring sister Vikki Ward a wonderful home makeover courtesy of the Queen of interior design, Linda Barker.


Series 11 · Episode 4

South London mum of triplets, Emma Campbell, is surprised with a wonderful makeover of her lounge and kid's bedroom. Designer Ben Hillman takes a big risk replacing her sofa with wooden pallets.


Series 11 · Episode 5

Interior designer Linda Barker is given her ideal brief today - vibrant colours and patterns - for a dramatic home makeover for loving mum and foster carer Catherine Bademosi in South London.


Series 11 · Episode 6

Designer John Amabile has sprinkled his design magic over the home of foster carer Wendy White in London. Pete and the team pull out all the stops to transform her lounge and bedroom into a tranquil and relaxing home.


Series 11 · Episode 7

Pete and the team transform a mobile home for ex-serviceman Jim Skasick. Designer Ben Hillman takes inspriation from Jim's American roots to bring a ranch them to the lounge / diner and military theme to the bedroom.


Series 11 · Episode 8

Gardener and single Dad, Rob Deacon's home was suffering the wear and tear of raising four kids, so designer Leah Hughes gives Rob's lounge and bedroom a new lease of life inspired by his love of nature.


Series 11 · Episode 9

Alice Lee enlists the help of the Pete to transform her Mum's living room and conservatory after an upsetting burglary. Designer Leah Hughes provides a fun, feminine and chic makeover to erase the horrible memories.


Series 11 · Episode 10

The team hits Herfordshire to give single Dad, Rob Kircher, the surprise of lifetime. Designer Linda Barker transforms his lounge and dining room with an American ranch theme and turns his patio into an outdoor kitchen.


Series 11 · Episode 11

It's a magical day for beloved grandmother Sheila Buckingham, when granddaughter Stevie gets the team in to makeover her home. Designer John Amabile brings Rococo glamour and country estate chic to a small Essex cottage.


Series 11 · Episode 12

Designer Linda Barker has furniture swinging from the ceiling in today's awesome makeover for teenager Jack Payne in Essex.


Series 11 · Episode 13

Pete and designer John Amabile sprinkle some makeover magic over the home of foster carer Karen Greenfield whose kitchen, diner and conservatory is given a zesty new look.


Series 11 · Episode 14

Designer John Amabile surprises hard working widow, Bernie Bishop, with a wonderful new kitchen, diner and conservatory.


Series 11 · Episode 15

Pete and designer Ben Hillman spring a fantastic surprise home makeover on expectant parents Vickie and James, whose excitement at taking their first step onto the property ladder was crushed by burglars.


Series 11 · Episode 16

Pete and designer Ben Hillman travel to St Helens to bring some good fortune to Eileen and Stephen Bennett with a surprise home makeover of their lounge, dining room and bare plasterboard bedroom.


Series 11 · Episode 17

Pete and the team are under the command of designer Leah Hughes to spring a wonderful surprise makeover on the home of Monica Lockett in Cheshire.


Series 11 · Episode 18

Pete and the team give charity worker and volunteer Pam Semp a wonderful surprise makeover courtesy of designer Leah Hughes, who draws on Pam's love of Africa to inspire her bold design.


Series 11 · Episode 19

Volunteer fundraiser Sheila Swan from Blackpool gets a surprise home makeover today from designer Linda Barker, Pete and the 60 Minute Makeover team.


Series 11 · Episode 20

Pete and the team spring a surprise makeover on supermum Gayle Moore. Designer Linda Barker gets creative in her bedroom and lounge, squeezing in enough seating for a family of 16.


Series 11 · Episode 21

Pete surprises charity campaigner and foster carer, Ruth. Designer Ben Hillman splashes Ruth's vibrant personality all over the walls, but will she approve?


Series 11 · Episode 22

Pete and the team are in Huddesfield to transform the living room and bedroom of single Dad Stephen North. Designer Ben Hillman recreates a day at the races for horse loving Stephen.


Series 11 · Episode 23

Penny Lane calls on Pete and team to help her friends Rosie and George. Their new house was crying out for an update so designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard brings a little Hollywood glamour to their home.


Series 11 · Episode 24

Helen spent 7 years living in the aftermath of an abandoned building project. Her daughter Sophia called on Pete and the team for help and Martyn Lawrence-Bullard provides one of our most dramatic transformations ever.


Series 11 · Episode 25

Hollywood designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard takes Pete and the team on a design holiday - to a Parisian themed lounge and Maldives bedroom for Ex-Cavalryman Lee Amos and his family.


Series 11 · Episode 26

Pete and the team get a work-out today surprising loving Mum Sarah-Jane in Kent. Designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard creates a Venetian Fairyland in her lounge and bedroom.


Series 11 · Episode 27

Pete and the team are joined by Hollywood designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard who pulls out all the stops to give Theo and Lisa Coyne an incredible kitchen makeover.


Series 11 · Episode 28

Pete and the team surprise Kerri Leigh and her two daughters with a wonderful home makeover by designer Leah Hughes.


Series 11 · Episode 29

After a terrible flood hit their home, Jenny and Darren were facing the reality of moving back into a shell of a home. Designer John Amabile makes sure that it's a wonderful homecoming with a surprise makeover.


Series 11 · Episode 30

Pete and team makeover the Buddy Hut at Haven House Children's Hospice in Essex with a little Christmas sparkle added by designer John Amabile.