24 Hours In Emergency

About the Show

About the Show

We’re all just one wrong step, one sudden illness or one unlucky break away from the Emergency Room. It’s a place where dramatic stories of love, life and death unfold every day. With 70 cameras filming round the clock for 28 days, this series offers unprecedented access to one of Britain’s busiest Emergency departments, at King’s College Hospital in London. Each episode focuses on patients who were treated within the same 24-hour period. The series captures the joy and heartache faced by patients and their families, as well as the hard work and professionalism of the Emergency staff. From life-threatening traumas to embarrassing mishaps, 24 Hours in Emergency is an intimate, powerful and sometimes comic insight into life – and death – at the frontline of King’s College Hospital.


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Posted by Cyberflix2Report
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Posted by William362Report
In February this year I had a Major Heart Attack and a minor stroke. As a result of the heart attack I died two to three time. I spent quite a deal of time in ICU and some time in the Critical Care Unit. I have no memory of any of the goings on until one morning in the CCU. Of course. a wonderful Nurse asked if I would like a shower Of course I accepted her offer. i told her that I could shower myself. I am not a modest person I thought that she would have better things to do. I was immediately told, do as I say. Now I looked directly into her eyes and what I saw a caring softhearted and beautiful person. I was shaky on my feet and that nurse gave me her shoulder to lean on. She showered me without a fuss, dried me and put me back to bed and re-connected me to my life lines. i was then moved to the General Cardiac Ward.The whole Staff on the ward, at the Royal Hobart Hospital were overworked but wonderful people. If not for the men at the Trucking Business," TasTRans" the Ambulance paramedics and all the staff at the ER, ICU, CCU and the general ward I would not be typing this account.
Posted by Mark790Report
Just wondering if Series 8 will be shown soon
Posted by Bonnie148Report
I find this show incredibly inspiring. I'm a first year nursing student in Australia and would love to work in the emergency department one day. If I can gain half the skills of the wonderful team at King's cross hospital I would be very happy. I particularly admire Jen one of the senior nursing staff. She's such a wonderful and inspirational person and absolutely fantastic at her job. Well done guys and keep up the good work!
Posted by alleebeeReport
Love this show. Gives the public a great insight into just how hard hospital staff work, what they put up with and how we should value their contribution.
Posted by Report
I am a 2nd year nursing student here in Australia & I have to say that I hope by the time I have many years of experience under my belt, that I am just as good as a nurse as Jen (Head Sister)...you are fantastic at your job :)
Posted by Report
Is there anywhere to buy the DVD of season 1?
Posted by Report
The new system at Kings seems to be working. It is very obvious to viewers that the nursing staff are being very well looked after, no one run of their feet, nurses sitting at computers day dreaming and staring into space. Doctor running to the phone(but beaten to the post by nurse) hyped up to accept the emergency coming in. Staff standing at the ready as patient is wheeled in. Brilliant.