11 Kids & Wanting More

About the Show

About the Show

11 Kids and Wanting More is the incredible story of Australia’s most extraordinary family. Darren and Dale Chalk have eleven kids under the age of eight. They’re the only couple in the world known to have conceived two sets of quads back-to-back. And while most parents would be horrified at the prospect of bringing up so many little ones, Darren and Dale are over the moon and determined to have even more. In this one hour special, we see what life’s like in the Chalks’ oversized Brisbane household. With a grocery bill topping $900 a week and too many bodies to fit into one car, it’s certainly not the average family home. This documentary reveals the often difficult journey that Darren and Dale have undertaken to conceive their family. Each pregnancy was a risk for both Dale and the unborn babies. After eight births and the loss of a child, the fertility clinics would no longer offer assistance. Dale and Darren have been forced to find alternative ways to conceive their family. Facing criticism and accusations of being “addicted to having babies” their choices have met with controversy and even hostility.


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Posted by Report
OMG can'nt wait for this show to start i wonder if it will be better than sextuplets???????
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question! When does this show start? I can not wait to find out the twins names. If anybody knows please post!!!!
Posted by Juanita30Report
I had to register just to add my two cents to this. I have watched this documentary twice, carefully. Australia's Most Extraordinary Family is overstating, but pure journalism. Fact is Darren Chalk is more deserving of being cast as a bronze statue than any spin bowling, ... excuse for an Aussie male. What kind of legacy and inspiration do we represent as Australians to future generations? Uncovering a bronze statue of a sport playing dude with no integrity in 500 years will tarnish our history. What about a man mountain, with a genetic imperfection, who works as an AMBO (all hail xxx), and loves and supports his children beyond biology. This in a screwed up society where biological fathers run for the hills and many, many other unjust situations exist for our Australian children. Darren Chalk stands for me like a beacon of light. There are wonderful, amazing, good humans out there and he is one of them.
Posted by Report
Extremely well said.
Posted by SpecReport
My concern is that the doctor comments that it cost $100,000 for each week a child is in a neto natal care unit. While I think this price might be a misquote. The doco called the Price of Life done on the ABC. Indicates that most premature babies will cost $200,000 by the time they go home. I would say quads would actually be more because they would be likely to stay longer in hospital due to date born and size, etc.
So even with the three remaining second set of quads it would have cost (for the three remaining children) - a min of $600,000. Plus if you consider the first set that's another $800,000. Then the set of twins where serious complications $400,000. So that's $1,800,000.
Um! I don't think they covered their own cost with this. I mean it's nearly 2 million dollars of treatment, just to take their children home.

She also needs to think now of the children she has to care for with her DH, with the risks of the twin pg. In other words she needs to stop. I can see why the medical authorities don't wish to be involved in her achieving a pg.

This said they seem like a really engaging, charming and functional/and happy family. I have to say though imagine if the older child (lovely girl) wasn't the person she is and didn't want to take on the leadership role that she has.
Posted by Report
And how much does it cost to process an asylem seeker? Much the same I believe. Let's leave this couple be :)
Posted by Report
For all of you who have crictised the family how many of you stopped watching? Not too many I would think. And those who think it wrong I suppose you don't like the Duggers or the Gosselin's. But we all have choice. Its a shame that some prefer to crictised than change Chanel. As for the one baby policy maybe you should read some of the horrific stories of baby girls being killed or buried alive just because they are girls.
Posted by bertie2Report
Parents really need to stop being Selfish and think about the children and their needs. Having 11 children does not give every child quality parent time. I believe it is child abuse.
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It doesn't make it selfish just because they have 11 children and are trying for more. I have actually met these people when they came shopping in the store that I work in although I had no idea at the time who they were. They spent a good hour in the store and not once did they ignore or leave out any of the children. They appeared to be doing a pretty good job considering the amount of kids they do have. I get parents that come in with only 1 or 2 kids and they couldnt even handle that. Maybe you should stop be so judgemental especially with something that isnt doing you any harm
Posted by Report
First of all....that's not child abuse, check your dictionary....second of all if they want 11 kids than they can have 11 kids.....finally stop critising them, if you don't like the show then don't watch it, but personally I think that the way they are raising their kids is wonderful so good on you darren and dale....... oh and please make another episode!!!!