10k Holiday Home

Episode Guide

Series 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1

Series 1 · Episode 1

Julia Bradbury finds out if it is possible to buy and renovate a home abroad for just 10,000 pounds. She begins with two potential properties in Portugal, and is assisted by designer and salvage expert Max McMurdo.

Episode 2

Series 1 · Episode 2

Having put an offer in on the Little Blue House in a village in Northern Portugal, Julia has an anxious wait while she pays to have all the necessary legal checks carried out. Meanwhile, Max attempts to convert a 1980s caravan.

Episode 3

Series 1 · Episode 3

Julia receives the keys to her cottage and starts to realise what a tough task she has to get all the work done on budget, with no water or electricity. Max's challenge to build a holiday home on wheels for under 5,000 pounds is under way.

Episode 4

Series 1 · Episode 4

Julia gets stuck into the DIY needed for her cottage in northern Portugal, which was last decorated in 1964 and has not been lived in since the 1980s. Max's project to design and make a holiday home on wheels is progressing well.

Episode 5

Series 1 · Episode 5

Julia heads to the final stages of her project, but her budget takes a hit when she is informed that the Little Blue House must be rewired. Max heads to Portugal to design and build a new staircase for the home.

Episode 6

Series 1 · Episode 6

Julia and Max visit the thermal pools near the house in Portugal before going their separate ways to do last minute shopping for the house.