10 Years Younger The Challenge

About the Show

About the Show

From tired tresses to luscious locks and rotten teeth to a sparkling smile, the brand new series of 10 Years Younger: The Challenge has everything you could ever want to know about going from frump to fabulous. This is the ultimate makeover transformation challenge! Two people go head to head to lose unwanted years... one chooses surgery, the other a thorough but non-surgical route. Who will look the best - who will lose the most years?

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Posted by Karen3429Report
Is there going to be another 10 years younger in 10 days in Australia this year 2016?
Posted by Jill365Report
Id like to know how does one apply for this challenge. Im only 48 yrs. I have so many wrinkles on my face. Rest of my body is gd but it make me look so much older. Been abused in my life I dont have gd teeth either. I cant afford to b fixed. Can u help please
Posted by Lorena3Report
I feel the same - it's aways USA or UK shows and not us girls over in Oz! We have harsher conditions than the UK and we might need these makeovers even more. Besides that, I want to GAIN weight not LOSE weight and you never see programs like that, helping people like myself to gain some weight - except for that program (also overseas) about Skinny vs Fat or something... I would put myself out there for sure. Would love taking part in a program like that and KNOW I can look better. 45, separated and needing a change...career wise and image wise..
Posted by sheilaReport
My name is sheila. i am 52yrs old. I have worked all my life as a nurse helping others, which is what i love to do. I have just realised that i am looking old and tired. I have had eczma all of my life but now to top it off i have been diagnosed with rosacea. I have never felt that i was pretty although when i look back on photographs i was i just never felt it. I would like to feel pretty. I have a large nose with a big bump in it, and now my eye lids are drooping and my neck seems to have found a lot more saggy skin.
Please can you help me?
Hopefuly yours,
Posted by Linda8Report
Hi to all i have just turned 51 and really need a makeover. I have had a hard life and i feel like it shows on my face. I do all i can to try and look as good as i can; however its just not enough. My ex husband used to hit/beat me alot untill i escaped in 1996 and I see that same sad face that i used to look at is still there. I feel that the things that were done to me have aged me. And I was never allowed to wear things that i wanted or do my hair the way i wanted(all these things were controlled for me) And yes its been years now and I am free of him. I really still see that sad face with its lines and bad skin scares. I have tried alot to try and fix what i can but some scares run too deep. I would love to feel Like a totally new person. I care for my father full time and that is also a hard job...but i love him so i do it. An overhaul would do wonders for my self esteem and perhaps give me confidence to walk with my head held high. I am now a grand ma and i love it I just wish i didnt look so bad; I would love to look pretty and like a woman whose life didnt show on my face. We all want it and i am sure the most deserved person will get the chance to go through the wonderfull process that I have seen played out on TV. Linda
Posted by KathieReport
WHY ,can't we have these in Australia ? Don't they care what the Assie women looks like