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About The Product

Your Shape is the first fitness game to come with a camera peripheral included inside the box. Featuring Ubisoft’s proprietary Body Tracking technology, the game enables players to scan their bodies and then projects their images onto the TV screen, creating a personalised and interactive workout. Based on the player’s specific body shape analysis, fitness level and personal goals, Your Shape is able to recommend the workout program that is best suited for them.

Each move is completely effective and efficient:

The unique Body Tracking camera technology that scans your body provides real time feedback on your movements.

Workout program adapted to your specific needs and desires:

Use the Shape Selector to choose one specific part of your body to work on based on your personal fitness goals.

Constant motivation thanks to the virtual coach’s real time feedback:

The game features a virtual coach that provides verbal and visual feedback on all of the player’s movements to ensure that each minute invested achieves maximum results. The coach is always by the player’s side, motivating them to reach their goals.


Access a tutorial section where you will be able to watch a model demonstrate exactly how a move is done correctly.

Workout routine is always fresh and exciting:

With almost 500 unique exercises featuring Yoga, Cardio Fitness, Strength Training, Flexibility and Weight Loss routines.

Product Reviews

Jodie, Caboolture QLD


Awesome- With this game, you're not wasting endless hours doing your exercises incorrectly. The Virtual coach motivates you just as a personal trainer would, and saves you expensive gym and PT fees. I now know exactly which exercises I should be doing to maximise my body shape.
I love it- I'm hooked- exercise is finally fun!