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About The Product

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice about love, what would it be? What I Wish I Knew about Love is a personal, touching and at times hilarious collection of real advice from real people who've worked out their own little piece of life's puzzle the same way we all do - by living, learning and, when it comes to love, making some really huge mistakes along the way. Sure to make you laugh and cry, with a wonderful mix of insights, pictures and real life stories this is the perfect gift to yourself or that someone special. We all live different lives, so we all learn different lessons. Now with the What I Wish I Knew ... series we can benefit from the wisdom of other people's hindsight.

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Product Reviews

anneco, North Richmond NSW


Light reading with a meaning, I loved this little book of wisdom from different walks of life.
Once I started I could not put it down and when I did it was in my daughter's hand suggesting she read this and hope to help her through one of life's biggest question, what is Love?
If only I hand a little handbook when I was younger with quote's from others letting me know it's okay to see things differently, feel the way I did and at the end of the day we are unique but all have feelings.
Look forward to reading What I wish I knew at eighteen, I know I would of warned myself to stay clear of Greg after the school formal, but we all learn from our mistakes and it just helps us grow into wiser loving people.