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About The Product

The Valco Baby Ion Stroller features a distinctive egg like shape and funky look. It maximises the interior seat area and provides added strength to the super light chassis. This means your child travels in ultimate space and comfort in a truly small, light and compact folding unit. Now with the introduction of the Valco Baby Travel System Adaptor, the Valco Baby Ion Stroller can now be converted into a travel system, meaning that you are now able to move baby while still in their car seat to the pram and back again without disturbing them. The adaptor securely attaches to the pram, allowing you to remove your Safe n Sound Unity Infant Carrier™ / Car seat, from your car to your Valco Baby pram safely and simply. The car seat engages/disengages into the adaptor in the same way it locks into the car seat base and the stroller still folds with the adaptor in place. Thanks to Valco Baby, travelling with your baby has never been easier.

Product Reviews

Amy, Glenalta SA


What a great travel system and individual products!

The Valco Ion was very easy to assemble. Everything just snapped together.

It is a sleek modern looking pram that is wonderfully light weight and glides like it is on rails. These features allowed me to easily and confidently walk with 2.5 year old in one hand whilst manoeuvring the pram with my 5 month old in another.

There is enough room for either my 5 month old or big 2.5 year old to fit nicely into the pram. It's nice and roomy.

Additionally, I am able to put the pram up with one hand (whilst holding my baby) and move the pram from a lay down position to an upright (or part upright) position or vice versa also whilst holding baby. I love how lightweight this pram is. To look at you wouldn’t think it was so light but to lift it in and out of the car is a breeze.

I also love the collapsible basket at the base of the pram. It is easily accessible whilst the capsule is in the pram or the seat is in the lay down position or when the baby is sitting upright. The basket is a very good size and you can fit an ample amount of items.

I also love that the weight in the pram is evenly distributed as the pram was not easily tilted. I had a very good sized nappy bag (with items for 2 children in it) placed over the egg handle and there was no likelihood of the pram tipping over either with baby in the pram or when I took baby out. The pram is very well grounded.

The handle is egg (like an egg on its side) shaped and took me a little time to get used to. But this is really the most negative thing I can say about this pram.

The Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant Carrier/Car seat was very easy to fit into the car. It provides a snug ride for baby. It's so great that you can move baby from car to pram without actually moving them from their seat. My baby had been very susceptible to waking up when I moved her from car to pram or vice versa. But when moving her in the capsule she remained asleep more times than not. The carrier fits snugly into the Valco Ion allowing baby a very snug ride. It’s also great that you can then have the Valco Ion as a forward facing pram so that you and baby can see each other. I hadn't experienced this before and both baby and I loved this option.

I cannot fault this travel system or the individual products. I really loved the fact that the pram was so lightweight, compact and easy to manoeuvre and that the car seat/carrier was so snug and could be used in both the car and the pram.

Wonderful products!

Thank you for letting me try them out!!

Amy Kreci