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About The Product

Terax Hair Care is coveted by A-list celebrities including Jennifer Hawkins, Mandy Moore, Kate Beckinsale and Meg Ryan and has long been hailed as Hollywood’s secret weapon against dry, frizzy, lifeless locks. Simply put: Terax is a Hollywood mane stay. The hero product Terax Crema conditioner is a cult favourite. This luxurious conditioner, scented with rice flower, shea, bergamot and juniper is the ultimate way to revitalise stressed tresses. Crema’s intense moisturising properties are designed to heal and restore split ends, breakage, dryness associated with chemical treatments and environmental damage (wind, sun, chlorine and sea salt deposits), as well as combat static electricity.

All of the shampoos feature carefully selected botanicals and sunflower seed extract to help preserve hair colour. They are sulphate and sodium chloride free and contain no silicones or artificial colours. All Terax shampoos feature our exclusive Gentlewash™ system which features plant and sugar derived surfactants and emulsifiers, as well as conditioners designed to cleanse hair without stripping it of essential natural emollients. Terax has created a range of styling products that combine natural ingredients and cutting edge technology. Whether you want to hold the hair in place, gently coax it or achieve red-carpet-worthy shine, Terax has a product that delivers results!

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