About The Product

Sanctum products are formulated to provide visible improvements to the skin and include medicinal-grade, therapeutic herbal and plant extracts and cosmeceutical levels of active vitamins.

Sanctum Body Buff contains luffa and crushed walnut shell to gently exfoliate and remove dry skin and ingrained impurities, leaving the body feeling fresh. It also contains oak bark extract to help balance oil flow, and lavender oil to soothe and calm skin. Sanctum Body Balm is a nourishing, easily absorbed, cream rich in shea butter, cocoa butter, chamomile extract, macadamia nut oil and coconut oil.

It aids in replenishing lost moisture and helps to achieve a smooth, supple complexion. Use Body Buff in the shower all over. Towel dry and apply Body Balm paying particular attention to dry skin areas.

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Product Reviews

Jane, North Beach WA


The smell is incredible as soon as I opened the lid, a really natural fresh smell. After my showers it made the whole room smell beautiful.
Applied the body balm and made my skin fresh and certainly glowed, I would recommend this product to friends and think its a great gift idea.