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About The Product

Safire Natural Skincare offers multi - dimensional skin solutions for the individual. The Safire Essentials Face Kit includes all the products you needed to start your daily beauty routine

Deep Clean Face Gel

Light Hydrating Moisturise

Face Scrub

Rose Hydrating Mist

Comes in a clear wet pack, which is also suitable for carry on plane luggage, carry & gym bag etc. The Safire Essentials Face Kit along with our entire range of products may be purchased from our online store at or Free Call 1800 611 523.

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Product Reviews

Kym11, Ascot Vale VIC


FAB! The scrub and cleansing gel were the highlights. They smelt fantastic, and left my skin feeling clear, smooth and perfectly buffed. The scrub was just coarse enough to exfoliate and give that deep clean without being too abrasive. The moisturiser was quite nice too, a good finish for the three products. It wasn't too rich a moisturiser for my skin either. The hydrating mist wasn't really for me though, however it would be great to freshen up thoughout the day if you worked in an environment with heavy air conditioning or flying.