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About The Product

The 7.5cm high resolution LCD is superb and the menu graphics elegant. The camera’s standout feature is its dynamic range extension mode, which is used to preserve detail in the extreme light and dark parts of the image.

Focus is fast and accurate, even at the 300mm extreme.

Colour fidelity and resolution are both outstanding. In fact, the image quality at 300mm is about the best we have seen from a compact with such an extreme focal length range. The DR (dynamic range extender mode) works well but only for stationary subjects. Bizarre effects are produced when the subject moves, because the process involves the rapid taking and blending of two images exposed at two different settings.

Product Reviews

Kaylene14049, Stratford VIC


I was really impressed with the quality of this camera. The quality of the photos are awesome. There are so many different options and I have now had this camera for 2 weeks and still trying to figure them all out. One of the options I love is that you can take a photo and it will produce it in colour, black and white or sepia so you can pick which one you like best and delete the other two. The camera is compact and easy to hold. It is quick to start up. The only downside is that it has a rechargeable battery and I like to use double A batteries because you can easily pop a couple in if your battery life ends. With this one you need to recharge their specialised battery so if you are out somewhere and it dies you have no camera. Having said that, I just went away for a 4 day break with the family and took heaps of photos. The battery is still going even though its getting close to needing a recharge. It also takes continuous shots which is fantastic for sport or anything that happens with a bit of speed. It can take up to 120 shots in ONE second!! The only other downside to such a fantastic camera is that amateur photographers like me can be a bit overwhelmed by all the different settings and options. You can do the auto point and shoot like most cameras but with such a fancy one I feel I need to take advantage of its numerous assets to take better-than-average photos. If you have a bit of money to spend on a camera and dont want to go down the path of a big bulky one this is definitely worth a look.