About The Product

Australia’s obesity levels have doubled over the past 20 years along with the calorie content of many common food serves. Evidence shows the larger the serving size, the more we eat, and the larger the plate, bowl or package, the more we eat.

Author of new book Portion Perfection - A visual weight control plan, dietitian Amanda Clark Adv APD, says you can regain control of your calorie intake by being aware of exactly how much is right to eat and by being more selective in the products you buy.

“Knowing your correct portion sizes for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner can keep you on track if you want to lose or maintain weight,” said Mrs Clark. “For the most part, we haven’t noticed our portion sizes have increased over the years and there is good evidence we wouldn’t notice if they decreased again.”

Excessive portion sizes, promotion of energy-dense packaged foods, and passive overeating have left us dazed and confused about how much we really need to eat, according to Mrs Clark.

“It is possible to eat fish and chips occasionally without gaining weight, or to snack on chocolate now and then and still have a healthy diet,” said Mrs Clark.

“When you know how much is right to eat, you can feel less guilty about eating higher calorie foods occasionally. You can also eat out regularly and still lose weight.”

Amanda Clark received one of the highest accolades in her profession when she won the Dietitians Association of Australia’s ‘National Innovation Award’ in 2006. The Portion Perfection book is supported by optional plates and bowls developed as useful tools for controlling portion sizes.

The book is available at selected bookstores and www.greatideas.net.au