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About The Product

The advanced Pro-V formula targets the weakest part of the hair to strengthen it* and noticeably reduce hair fall due to breakage. One of the primary causes of hair breakage - and sometimes hair fall - is damage to the hair cuticle. Excessive brushing, chemical treatments or exposure to environmental pollutants and climate factors may result in this main protective layer of the hair fracturing or splitting. The Pantene Deep Fortifying products leads to healthy-looking hair, by precisely targeting damaged hair and strengthening hair from root to tip. The first step to maintaining healthy looking hair is the Pantene Deep Fortifying shampoo that cleanses and nourishes hair. Next, use the Pantene Deep Fortifying conditioner, which delivers conditioning ingredients to hair. To further protect damaged hair use Pantene’s 3-Minute Miracle. Backed by Pantene’s Precision Blend Technology, Pantene 3-Minute Miracle is an effective treatment shampoo for stressed hair. 3-Minute Miracle can help repair damage to the hair from styling stress, environmental effects or chemical treatments in just three minutes. To find out more visit

* To smoothness

Product Reviews

Jodie101, Spring Farm NSW


I absolutely love this product, not only does it smell beautiful, but it made my hair shiny and less damaged.. The 3 minute treatment worked so well to manage split ends. Overall this shampoo and conditioner would have to be the best I have used so far and will contiue buying it all the time from now on.