About The Product

Experience a dentist-clean feeling every time you brush your teeth!

Proven to remove twice as much plaque as a manual toothbrush*, the Oral-B Triumph with Smart Guide combines cutting edge technology with 3D oscillation-rotation brushing action to help teeth always look their best.

It is Oral-B’s most technologically advanced power toothbrush on the market and the first to come with an interactive wireless display. The brush head, handle and visual display unit work together to provide instant feedback. It also signals if you brush too hard, features a timer to encourage you to brush for the full recommended two minutes and comes with a new three minute deep clean mode to provide a thorough cleaning experience. With the Triumph with Smart Guide you’ll have every reason to smile.

Some other benefits of using a power toothbrush....

Helps keeps teeth whiter – power toothbrushes have a polishing effect that can help remove surface stains and help keep teeth naturally whiter.

Gentle on teeth and gums - many people apply too much pressure when brushing which can cause gum damage and erode tooth enamel. A power toothbrush requires minimal pressure and some models feature a pressure sensor indicator

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* Robinson, P. et al; Manual versus powered toothbrushing for oral health. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2009