About The Product

It utilises new scientific heat-based technology, Thermicon which allows no!no! to remove hair and prevent it from growing back. By gliding no!no! across the skin, the heated blades painlessly dissolve hair along the surface. Simultaneously, the thermodynamic wire transmits a heated pulse down the hair shaft to the root, destroying the hair. Thermicon technology is patented and exclusive to no!no!.

Unlike laser procedures, no!no! also removes blonde and grey hairs. It can be used on the legs, arms, underarms, bikini line and back. Available in hot pink and black, (and in limited edition blue at MYER this Christmas) no!no! is ideal for men and women and suitable for all skin types.

Available at MYER, Shaver Shop and selected pharmacies, RRP AUD$289

Product Reviews

belw13, Cooloongup WA


I used the no!no! hair remover on my legs and, after a bit of practice to get the technique and speed right, i found it worked well. You do need to cover the same area of hair a few times for it to get all of the hairs so it can be a bit time consuming compared to conventional razor shaving, and the smell of burning hair is a little off-putting. But, the end result is smooth hair free legs and, according to the information provided with the product, continued use leads to fewer hairs growing back and taking longer to reappear. I have noticed that the hairs that have grown back on my legs after 2 uses are sparser which is great. One benefit of this product is that you can use it on really short stubble (a few days growth) and longer hair. If you have the time to sit and use this product then I would recommend it especially if the initial time taken to remove the hair leads to longer periods between uses. I am keen to get more practice so that I am confident to use the no!no! hair remover on more difficult areas such as my bikini line and underarms.