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About The Product

ModelCo is all about SMART BEAUTY, we create beauty innovations which are quick-fix, time-saving, multi-purpose & unique. Within just 8 short years ModelCo has become a cult global beauty brand which resonates with a modern woman who is looking for stylish time-savers to make her look & feel fabulous.

TAN EXTENDER is the latest exciting addition to the ModelCo TAN range – use it with TAN AIRBRUSH IN A CAN, SUNSPONGE CUSTOM SELF-TAN, BODY MERINGUE or TAN SELF-TANNING GLOVE to intensify or extend the life of your tan, whilst nourishing and toning your skin. Or, simply use TAN EXTENDER on it’s own for a natural-looking sun kissed glow all year round. ModelCo is available at David Jones, selected Independents & – for direct stockist enquiries call 02 8354 6700.

Product Reviews

Melanie, Ormeau QLD


It was amazing, it has refreshed my faded winter tan and looks fabulous. It is weasy to use, minimal fuss and hardly any mess. It also moisturised my skin leaving it looking sunkissed and healthy, i love it. Much safer than laying out in the sun and a must buy for me from now on