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About The Product

With International Happiness Day falling in July, what better time to bring more happiness into your life? Mind Gardener’s Living Happy Guide is designed for people who want to nurture and maintain happiness in their life.

Learn how to train your brain for happiness by changing your neural pathways, managing your emotions, and getting the right balance of beneficial hormones and neurotransmitters flowing in your brain.

Through a series of simple exercises, The Living Happy Guide introduces these skills and establishes lifelong habits that will build resilience and creativity, support improved health, and help you to live happy. Practiced regularly, the exercises will switch on the parts of the brain associated with happiness and switch off the parts associated with worry, stress and unhappiness.

For more information and tips on how to live happy, visit www.mindgardener.com

Product Reviews

bubbly maverick, Osborne SA


Although this is a 30 step progam which takes one week to complete each exercise it has already impacted on the way I go about everyday life. I was amazed that even the first step made such a difference to my general happiness and stress levels. The more I train my brain to respond positively to different circumstances the happier I feel. Can highly recommend this program for those who wish to gain happiness.