About The Product

In 2001, Max Factor Lipfinity was the first two-step long-lasting lip colour introduced in Australia. Since 2003, half a million units in the Lipfinity range have been sold nationwide. As the highest-selling long-lasting lip colour in the world, women just can’t get enough of this iconic, immensely wearable lipstick with one being sold worldwide every nine seconds!

The original long-lasting cult formula of Max Factor Lipfinity has remained the same. Step one, apply the permatone colour base to clean lips and allow to dry for one minute. Step two, apply the gloss top coat next and throughout the day (have it in your bag) to keep lips moist and gorgeous. That is all you have to do for perfect lip colour for up to 16 hours. Max Factor Lipfinity is easily removed with a quick swipe of makeup remover across the lips.

This truly iconic beauty product is Australia’s first and foremost long-lasting lip colour, and the 1.8 million women around the world who buy and use Max Factor Lipfinity can’t be wrong. And no matter what the season, you’re always in fashion with Lipfinity.

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Product Reviews

Nichole, Harrington Park NSW


I recieved the Max Factor Lipfinity lip colour (spicy) to review.I absolutely loved the colour.
I found the application of the colour base and then the top coat very quick and simple.I could not beleive the lip colour lasted all day,I touched up with the top coat twice and that was all I had to do to have beauitiful lips all day.The colour did not rub off onto cups or while I was eating it was fantastic.
I have already recommended it to my sister and two other friends and will certainly be using myself.
Thank you for choosing me as a lifestyle reviewer
Nichole Litherland

Deb, Dover Gardens SA


I love the fact that this product actually delivers what it promises. I applied the product at 9am and it was still looking good at 11pm when I got home. It is easy to apply and in fact allows you to shape or slightly plump out your lips if they are too thin. The top coat is easy to carry in your bag or pocket and keeps your lips looking fresh. I would definitely purchase this product as it will last a long time given that you are not constantly having to reapply the lip colour throughout the day. It is also good that you can kiss people without leaving lippy marks and the same when drinking from a mug or glass. The only downside is making sure you have a oil based make up remover to remove the lip paint at the end of the day. All in all a great product which I would recommend to all lipstick users.
Deb Murray