About The Product

Give your skin a head start and cleanse the body with Hamilton Laboratories’ foaming wash – a perfect alternative for people looking for a mild and effective cleanser that won’t irritate the skin.Tan the smart way with Hamilton Tru Bronz non greasy and streak free self tanning cream. Enriched with walnut extract for a more natural looking tan, it is the perfect summer alternative. Fight off mozzies and flies with Repel junior roll on. A pleasantly fragranced insect repellent that can be used on children from six months of age. Hamilton’s non-medicated saline Narium nasal spray will stop irritating drips and provide relief from sinusitis, hayfever and allergies.Put it all together with a Hamilton sunscreen and enjoy the perfect summer.

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Product Reviews

treeniem, Lyndhurst VIC


Pack arrived just in time to take on our Gold Coast holiday. The self tanning cream was fantastic. Went on easily, wasn't greasy and produced a really nice colour with just one coat - and it wasn't streaky either. The wash was really nice in that there was no overpowering odour, it didn't dry out my skin and yet made me feel clean and fresh. I used the insect repellent on 10 month twins one night which saw everyone reaching for the mozzie spray as they were out in full force. This insect repellent didn't have a strong smell at all and the mozzies left the littlies alone so it obviously works. The bag the products came in was also fantastic. Loved the colour and the size. Will definitley be buying these products again when my trial ones run out.

Melissa, Fairfield NSW


The Hamilton wash left my skin feeling moisturised and soft. It also helped with my sensitive skin it calmed the redness and moisturised the dry areas! I have two children 4yrs and 18mths and I have used the wash on them thier skin feels and looks great!!! The other products are great as well...the junior Repel roll on it easy to use and works while we are outside etc. Great products all round. Thanks for the opportunity to review these products.