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Warm, insightful and poignant, Freeing Grace tells the story of David, curate of an inner-city parish, and Leila, his Nigerian-born wife. Unable to have children of their own, they're desperate for a family. When they finally hear they've been approved to adopt a baby, Grace, they can scarcely believe their good fortune. There's just one problem for which David and Leila cannot plan; Grace's birth family - the enigmatic, charismatic Harrisons. Enlisting their friend, the feckless, charming New Zealander, Jake Kelly - who's half in love with all of them, one way or another - the Harrisons send him on a quest that will force a confrontation. Ultimately, each has a terrible decision to make. Everyone only wants what's best for Grace - but who can say exactly what that is? An absolutely compelling novel of finding love, home and family.

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Product Reviews

kazza2, Terrigal NSW


This book is one of the best I have ever read. Its a novel about two families, torn between love of a baby unawares. Two familys divided, and thrown around, because of baby Grace. The book is full of suspense and triumphs and tribulations.
If you think you know whats best for your child, so does someone else. Its like disaggreeing with your husband about a desision that was made for your child. Everyone thinks they are right, but that is not always the case.
Do you really know whats best??? Can you really make that choice????

Freeing Grace is a fantastic emotional read, which I would highly recommend for anyone. It just may give you that wake up call youve been looking for, or throw you into a direction you never thought you had the courage to take before.
Five stars
Karen Smith