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About The Product

The Borne Naked® Handbag Liner clearly organises and de-clutters your handbag, making it quicker and easier than ever to transfer your essentials from your Gucci tote to your Chloe clutch... not to mention keeping your handbag clean and neat. How could you ever live without one?

1. A clear handbag liner to sort and manage your handbag essentials

2. Ideal for single and multi handbag lovers

3. 3 pockets to hold must haves with a zip

4. Protect the interior of your handbag from spills and makeup marks

5. Available in 3 sizes, priced from $24.95

Product Reviews

harmonybree, Langwarrin VIC


I thought it might be for those with lots of time on their hands but actually it's perfect for those of us who are busy, no time to go through bags to neatly sort our important things and transfer them from bag to bag.
One other plus I didn't realise is that because the liners are clear, and if you're desperate to find something you can lift it out and clearly see what you're looking for.
So thrilled by this product, it just keeps my bags neat and clean with a quick and painless swapover.
Definitely will be using and recommending this to anyone and everyone.