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About The Product

Pearl Couscous takes its name from its unique pearl-like shape and size. Tasty, affordable and easy to prepare, this delicious product is set to become an Australian family favourite. Made from hard wheat toasted in an open flame oven, Pearl Couscous features a rich, nutty flavour and a smooth texture. It takes just 10 minutes to prepare a delicious meal or side dish using Pearl Couscous. Pearl Couscous can be served hot or cold, as a main, a side dish or a salad – and as it absorbs liquids while remaining al dente, it is bursting with flavour when it hits the plate.With a low GI rating of 52 and no additives or preservatives, Pearl Couscous is a great healthy alternative to typical staples such as rice and potatoes. It can be served with vegetables or a pasta sauce to make a tasty treat for vegetarians – and equally complements meat, fish and poultry dishes perfectly. Gourmet Pearl Couscous is available in 445 selected Coles stores nation-wide, as well as independent grocers and delis.

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