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2 x Spielgaben Sets

Spielgaben was originally created by Friedrich Froebel, the Founder of Kindergarten (1782 - 1852) - a German educator who believed that all children were creative and that they could learn art, design structure and math by discovering these elements in nature.

This method of learning became the basis of Kindergarten and Montessori style of learning and then spread to the rest of the world.

As children, brilliant minds like Albert Einstein, Buckminster Fuller, Frank Lloyd Wright and Paul Klee all played with Spielgaben.

The sequential series of 13 children’s wood play sets are to be used during a child’s very short window of mental development. Each set is added to the next to develop a superior IQ for YOUR child

The new version of Spielgaben has elevated the original educational aids to 21st century design standards while honouring environmentally-sound procurement practices. Our award-winning play guide series features over 500 pages of illustrated user guides that teach step-by-step how to use Spielgaben with your child and become their best teacher without even really trying.

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