9 x VS SASSOON CURL SECRET - Australia's Favourite Styler

About The Product

Why is it Australia’s favourite styler? Because hair goes in, curl comes out. It’s that simple. This breathtakingly innovative one-of-a-kind styler uses new-patented technology to create stunning long lasting three-dimensional curls… the kind of curls not readily achieved with traditional styling tools.

The Curl Secret is like no other styler on the market. Why? Because it does the work for you. Simply place a section of hair through the guide. Clamp down and your hair is automatically drawn inside into a heated curl chamber. Once inside, your hair is softly held and heated from all directions. Your hair is not put under any tension so its elasticity is protected. It takes just seconds to form a perfect curl. A beeper counts out the seconds and tells you when the curl is ready. Simply open to release a perfect curl.

Creatively you can do so much with the Curl Secret. With different temperature and timer settings, you can personalise your curling style. Create a variety of styles from highly defined crisp curls to softer beachy waves.  The Curl Secret can also be used on a variety of different hair lengths and styles. You can also use it on already wavy and curly hair to add finesse.

Features Overview:
• Automatic curling system
• Ceramic tourmaline curl chamber
• 2 Heat settings with heat ready indicator
• 3 Timer settings with auto beep Indicator
• Sleep mode & auto shut off
• 2 year warranty
• Heat protection mat & soft storage pouch included

Product Reviews

Kerrie , Gladstone Park VIC


WOW!!!! IT WORKS!!!! AND ITS SO EASY TO USE!!!! I'm one of those long straight haired people who owns all types of curling wands, straighteners and hot rollers but until now I never was able to get my hair curled successfully at home - the sides would work but the back wouldn't take hold UNTIL TODAY THAT IS!!!! I saw the Curl Secret in stores and wanted one, but I was a little hesitant as I thought it may just be another hair styling device to add to my collection and I was also concerned my hair may tangle in it - boy was I wrong! Firstly it is ridiculously easy to use - comb a strand, lay it through the Curl Secret, clamp it together and it sucks up the hair, then it beeps to let you know its done so you release your grip and out pops your curl. Easy peasy! As for my concern about it tangling, well that was never an issue as it's a really smooth uptake of the hair - no pulling at all. I also found it safer to use than a curling wand or straightener as your hands and ears are much less likely to accidently get anywhere near the heated bits. For anyone wanting to curl their hair at home - I really believe this is the fastest and best way to do it!

Katie868, Dover TAS


It was fantastic to use and easy and quick and I would recommend it to all my friends

Christine1349, Upper Coomera QLD


I found this product amazing. Easy and safe to use. I don't use many hair appliances as I always seem to burn myself, but I haven't had this problem with the Curl Secret. I also love how you can get different types of curls from the one device. It is extremely fast to use, making it practical for use before work.

Bathsheba, South Perth WA


I have fine, straight hair that has never held a curl. But 48 hours after curling my (dry, not wet) hair - with no product - the curl was still discernible.

Yes, it takes a bit of practice to work out how to get hair into the curler, but once you've spent 10 minutes doing it, you will be expert at it.

Very happy with Curl Secret and my curly hair.

Michelle2317, Hebersham NSW


This has been a god send to me. After years of frustration trying to curl my hair with a wand or a straightener to get the perfect curls. Now there is this VS Curl Secret. It is easy to use, i can't believe how it sucks in your hair and seconds later perfect curls. It's quick and easy. My hair was done in minutes.
If i could give a few negatives it seemed at times the curls looked the wrong way and awkward for a single person to operate as it was easy to curl the sides when it came to the back it was awkward and my hair would go in the machine it would beep and stop. I'm not sure if it is the angle i was holding it. I had to get my partner to do the back it was easy for him to use as well.
Thank you for the opportunity to review this. This made my hair look great with a quick and easy style with a professional look.
As i am confused as to whether i clicked the stars correctly in give it 4 stars.