9 x Tabletop Activity Cubby's

About The Product

Tabletop Activity Cubby

Turning the world of kids indoor entertainment on its head with the Tabletop Activity Cubby, a product that will fit into homes of all sizes. Creating a sanctuary for children to learn and play, to explore and relax.  Children will be engaged, entertained and educated, through play. The world of kids in home entertainment is a simple as covering the dining room table with the Tabletop Activity Cubby.

Bringing into your home the potential to change the way the space inside a home is used.  Each cubby comes with its own storage bag, making it simple to set up and pack up.  All made by owner and creator of Boxed Play for Kids, Andrea.  Fitting a standard 6 seater table, or order a custom made Tabletop Activity Cubby to fit any table, with a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. Bring new life and opportunity into homes and child care settings across Australia.  Turn a boring table into a world of imaginative play and adventure, encouraging children to create their own entertainment. Tabletop Activity Cubbys will be a welcome addition to the world of kids indoor entertainment.  Featuring a window, door, activity pockets and blackboard mats, presenting a complete package for engaging educational play.

Tabletop Activity Cubby with Chalk mats and Activity pockets, exclusive to Boxed Play for Kids.


Product Reviews

Marjen, Lilydale VIC


Living in Melbourne can be very unpredictable with weather and consequently can result in lots of indoor days for my two year old.
Since receiving our tabletop cubby, It has rescued me numerous times on rainy days, avoiding many 'I want to play outside' meltdowns!
We have even used it on sunny days on the outside table!
I think I have enjoyed it as much as him reliving my childhood!
I would highly recommend the cubby to anyone with young kids! A+++++

KatherinesTurn, Eltham North VIC


The Tabletop Activity Cubby is such a great idea and it fit perfectly on my standard sized six seater rectangle table. My 2.5 year old daughter was very impressed when I first set up the cubby and has enjoyed having tea parties inside with all her baby dolls. The entry door is easy for her to get through and perfect for games of peekaboo. Setting up the cubby does require me to clear my messy table and remove dining chairs to create a safe play area but is worth the effort and am definitely looking forward to having this cubby as my secret weapon when little cousins and friends come around for play dates as it will keep the kids entertained for ages. It folds away easily and will be easy to throw in the car when going on holidays.

Elizabeth72084, Bell Park VIC


best product ever, the kids had a fantastic time playing under the table and keeping out of the way whilst Christmas preparations were happening. The included chalk board mats and chalk were a lovely bonus providing the kids with an inbuilt activity.

Tatiana18, Herne Hill VIC


My son LOVES his Table Top Activity Cubby. What a simple but GREAT idea that's easy to pack away & does not take up much room. He's called it his TENT, HOUSE, CUBBY & secret HIDEAWAY. He's also placed his little kids sofa inside & a cardboard box to resemble his own lounge-room. We can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can use it on our outdoor table to provide a sheltered little hideaway over the summer.

Claudia4, Ashfield NSW


My 4 years old son simply loves this tabletop. It is well know that boys love to build forts and hide, and this smart tabletop combines both. It offers a different play space, somewhere private where the kids can play and feel they're away from the parents' eyes. My son's favourite feature is the chalk mats, which he drags around the house all the time. A great idea for children!

Hollie45, Catherine Hill Bay NSW


A great idea for kids between ages 2-4. The blackboard mats are a great idea and the kids loved them! Perfect cubby that utilises the room we already have (fit perfectly on our dining table) and is simple to pack away. The pattern was unisex, washable material and it didn't shrink. Would make a great Christmas or birthday present for the hard to buy for kids.