9 x Pairs of Just Bee Shoes

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About The Product

Designed with comfort in mind, the Just Bee Comfort range of footwear has been crafted using some of the softest leathers and super flexible outsoles, all of which help to match the natural feeling of your foot. Crafted with today's modern woman in mind, Just Bee uses a range of colours and designs inspired from around the world. Their product offers not just comfort by style at affordable prices. It doesn't matter if you’re dropping the kids of at school, doing the shopping, or going to work you can be sure Just Bee has you covered.

Stockist www.justbee.com.au 1300 785 300

Product Reviews

maria168375, Gowanbrae VIC


I love these shoes, I've been wearing them everyday for a week and my feet are so comfortable, perfect for my active life, easy to put on, soft leather, comfortable soles, your feet breath because of the leather design and no problems with blisters or breaking them in.

Maria481, Edensor Park NSW


I wear chef crocs all day so my feet have become accustomed to very comfortable shoes and i find it very difficult to wear any other shoes for a long time. I am on my feet all day and am amazed that when I put on these Just Bees shoes there is no adjustment period for my feet at all. There is no need to wear a sock with them and they do not have to be broken in. I used these as my daily exercise walking show also and they are great, the are very airy so i dont think smelly feet will be a problem.

Jemima, Marsfield NSW


The first thing I noticed when I put these on was how light they were. It felt as though I didn't have anything on my feet! They were extremely comfortable and although they are light they are also very supportive in the sole. The holes provide good ventilation and makes them cool enough to wear on warmer days. All in all it's a good design - practical, comfortable and looks good.

cfrancis1970, Aldinga Beach SA


Extremely comfortable to wear...didn't even have to break the shoes in. Love the non slip sole. The design allows my feet to breathe. Fantastic casual shoe.