9 x Nibble Bath Treat Sets

About The Product

Do you need a little bit of luxury in your life? Then make sure you enter to review these gorgeous Nibble Bath Treats Sets.

Nibble Bath Treats are food-inspired bath and body treats designed to delight the senses-an experience that is delicious and a little bit luxe!

Product Reviews

Carly25, Craigmore SA


Absolutely loved these products! The scrub smells delicious and left my skin silky smooth - and the cream is very moisturising and smells divine also! Definately recommend!

Cindy421, Modbury Heights SA


I honestly didn't think these products were going to over impress me and that they were going to be like every other product, boy was I so wrong! I have dermatitis and was suffering from it on my leg and arm being so dry and itchy, I have tried my steroid cream, olive oil and a coconut oil but my irritated skin kept coming back. Whatever this beautiful lady Amy combines in the body butter has cured me, she is a godsend. I also loved the coffee scrub, they all smell beautiful and oh so natural. I will be definitely buying again as I beg others to try if they have skin problems as believe me I've tried everything and you shouldn't have to put up with it. My products will last for ages so I am extra happy about that, thankyou lifestyle and Amy from erstwhile who makes these outstanding products as you truly have changed my life and saved me from wasting my money on other products. Xo

Vanessa808, Palmyra WA


I've been using the Nibble Bath Treats Set for quite a few weeks now and I received the Honey, Honey Coffee Body Scrub and Apple Cake Body Butter.

Although I don't particularly like the smell of coffee I have still really enjoyed using the scrub especially on my upper arms which used to have little bumps covering them and now feel lovely and smooth. I have also been very happy with the result the scrub has had on my previously smelly feet which now appear to be odour free.

I have followed up using the Body Scrub with the Body Butter which I find has a pleasant light smell that doesn't overpower, soaks in nicely to the skin without feeling greasy and makes my skin feel soft and hydrated. I will continue to enjoy using the Nibble Bath Treats Body Scrub and Body Butter as they are beautiful products and I'm very happy with the minimal, natural ingredients used in each product.

Rosie56, Bondi Junction NSW


Loved the product, loved the packaging!

Sharon621, Beeliar WA


1st product Body Coffee Scrub: this product smelt lovely and definitely exfoliated my skin, only negative with the scrub itself is it left my skin feeling oily afterwards. The instructions could be more detailed for example it doesn't say how long to leave the scrub on for before washing it off and it didn't say whether it was safe to use on your face.

2nd product cake batter body butter: this product comes in a lovely glass jar and is presented really well, smells delicious and is great for dry skin, soaked into my skin really nicely.

Bronwynne5, Mira Mar WA


Nibble bath treats Coffee Body Scrub Honey Honey is great. It exfoliates and rejuvenates and your skin feels beautiful. The CAke Batter Body Butter smells amazing and the only complaint I have is that it is fairly firm and takes a while to get enough on your hand to rub it in. On the whole, I enjoyed using both products.

Breanna75, Pennant Hills NSW


The Short of It: Both Nibble Bath Treat's Products were great!

The Long of It:
Cake Batter Body Butter- Smelled great and worked amazing on my skin. It melted just enough at body temperature to rub over and into my skin and left my dry cracked elbows instantly smoother and softer at the first use! Repeated use in the same spot continued to leave my elbows at their utmost best and I don't think I could ask for anything more!
Packaging- I love the home style little glass jar that the body butter was in- so cute! The font was a tiny bit small for my mum (who doesn't really have terrible eyesight) to read (and yes I've recommended Nibble to her!).
Coffee Body Scrub- When I first opened the packet I was blown away with the strength of the coffee smell... I thought it might be a bit too strong for my liking once I've used it, but luckily for me it was much more subdued once used (maybe a little to strong still- but then again I'm not an ultra lover of coffee). My first use of it was just after cutting some onions (thanks for the tip btw!) which was great because it got rid of the onion juices and smell and replaced it with a nice smell of coffee. This coffee scrub was great! It made my hands 5x smoother than before even though I thought I already had smooth hands. It wasn't too course that it ripped and tore my skin instead it was just perfect. The next few uses were in the shower- I just had to use this stuff on my legs to see if they would go as smooth as my hands did!! And I'm glad to say they did! Repeated use didn't hurt or wear down my skin and the experiences were as great as the first time I used it!
Packaging- Not what I would typically expect for a body scrub but it was sort of cool how it reminded me of those small bags of coffee beans that you can buy. Again the font was a bit small for mum but if the font is the only real thing about Nibble I can complain about you don't have too much to worry about!