9 x Holmegaard Future Glass 2-piece Set

About The Product

Since its establishment in 1825, Holmegaard glassworks has always managed to stay at the forefront of cutting edge designs, while also appealing to contemporary trends. 

In 2000, designer Peter Svarrer collaborated with Holmegaard to come up with the “water glass of the future”.  Motivated by the notion that everyday items should brighten up daily life – Svarrer created the Future Glassware series.

The Future Glass is a uniquely designed drinking glass with a shape and colour choice that are perfectly in tune with today’s mode of expression. Launched in six soft transparent colours, each piece is mouth blown so that no two pieces are the same. Characteristics such as air bubbles are one of the charming effects of the glass blower blowing soul into the glass. With seamless edges and a distinctive curved shape, the Future Glass series is guaranteed to add a splash of colour to your home décor and functionality to your table.

For stockists or general enquiries about the Holmegaard range, please contact 1800 099 266.

Website: www.holmegaard.com

Product Reviews

scorpian, Albany Creek 4035 QLD


Wonderful colours and the curved shape sits nicely in your hand

Melinda, Carlingford NSW


These glasses are fantastic. As soon as you pull them out of the box you can feel the quality and the craftsmanship that has gone into these hand blown glasses. They fit perfectly to the contours of your hand and are just right for a scotch on the rocks, keeping your drink chilled and at hand ready for you. The individual characteristics in the glass, from the colour to the bubbles to the difference in shape make these glasses a joy to own and you can smile smugly when you serve your drinks to guests in them, there's always a gasp of "oh wow these are amazing! where can I get some!"

Craig34, Tivoli QLD


Thank you, my husband and I love these glasses! They are light an beautifully shaped and have become our most used glasses. The colour that is tinted into the glass looks lovely and elegant. The glasses have held up while washing perfectly. I would recommend these and would like to have some more as a set!!

Bazza, Kilcoy QLD


This product is quite nice and would make a funky and colourful addition to any table setting.

- it stands up to dishwasher use well
- its rounded base makes it hard to knock over fully as it rolls back to upright
- it has stood up well to everyday use and wear
- the colours make it a great idea for dinner as it gives a flair to the event as well as people not having the problem of mixing up their glasses as they can be colour coded

- its shape means it can only be stored one glass high and would take up space
- it is light in the hand, this is personal as I like some heaviness to the glass I am using

I would definitely recommend this to friends and family if they were looking for some funky quality glasses however I would not recommend to anyone who is short on storage space.

Wendy141, Kilsyth VIC


So delicate, to use my partner and I felt very posh using the glasses , very nice