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About The Product

EnduroShield DIY kit for Tiles and Grout creates an ultra-thin protective coating that repels soap scum and grime, reducing cleaning time by up to 90 per cent, saving time and money.

A microfibre cloth, water and a mild detergent are all that is needed to clean EnduroShield protected surfaces.

The EnduroShield DIY kit comes with everything that you need, including the cleaner and protective coating, which is simply sprayed and wiped into the surface.

EnduroShield is perfect for shower tiles, bathroom wall and floor tiles, grout lines, porcelain or china basins, toilets and baths, kitchen floors and tiled splashbacks.

EnduroShield can be applied to new and existing surfaces and comes with a three year warranty.

This new generation of cleaning product is also good for the environment, eliminating the use of harsh toxic chemicals and reducing water usage.

EnduroShield DIY kits for Tiles and Grout are now available in Bunnings Australia-wide, tile retail outlets and online. A 125ml DIY kit covers 6 square metres. Recommended retail price is $59.95.

www.enduroshield.com RRP $59.95

Product Reviews

Debby16, Cooloongup WA


Having used numerous products over the years to try and keep my shower tiles clean, I was a bit sceptical about EuroShield being able to do the job. I was pleasantly surprised. It was very easy to use and left my tiles looking clean and the water did bead off the tiles like the instructions said it would. The only down side would be the cost of the product.