9 x Dreambaby® Child Safety Packs

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About The Product

The new ‘Style’ range comprises:

The ‘Style’ Dreambaby® Appliance Lock F1004 (RRP $6.95). Designed with an EZY-Check® Indicator, which allows parents to check quickly that it is properly secured by displaying red for unlocked and green for locked, it’s ideal for most ovens, and will suit other appliances too. ‘Style’ Dreambaby® Microwave & Oven Lock F1001 (RRP $7.95). This heat resistant lock will help prevent potential burns as the lock ensures children are unable to tamper with ovens, and microwaves. ‘Style’ Dreambaby® Refrigerator Latch F1002 (RRP $5.95) will help prevent little people reaching up at large, heavy items in the fridge which could fall. It’s also a necessary safety tool if you are storing prescription medicines, alcohol and other cooking items. ‘Style’ Dreambaby® Sliding Lock F1005 (RRP$5.95). This lock fits easily onto cabinet knobs or D-shaped handles. It’s Ideal for the kitchen and laundry, and closes with a simple sliding action. Dreambaby’s® ‘Style’ Flexible Multi-Purpose Latch F1007 (RRP $6.95) and Dreambaby’s® ‘Style’ Mini Multi Purpose Latches F1008 (RRP $7.95) are excellent safety solutions to help secure the home and are suitable for use on a range of surfaces as well as fridges and freezers.

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Product Reviews

auds, Shalvey NSW


These items/products have now made my house alot safer for my children than i already thought it was.They are wonderful,easiy to instal & use.

Amy, Albany Creek QLD


These products are great for keeping little hands away from things they shouldn't be touching. Best of all they look stylish too. The house is now a much safer place for my little 9 month old boy who would love to be into everything at the moment.

missblonde18, Berkeley Vale NSW


With a 15 month old in the home, it's the ideal time to use these handylocks! Dreambaby is easy to use and now my whole kitchen is childproof and decked out with Dreambaby products. My favourite is the Sliding Lock, as it's very very simple to use on a daily basis. I am not sure if it was something we did but a few of the latches would not stick to our cupboards 100%, so when bub had a bit of a pull on them, they came off. Some did adhese very well though, and they're great. Thank you for the opportunity to trial these goodies - our kitchen is now well protected!

Jessica125, Leigh Creek SA


The Dreambaby Child Safety products are great. From the moment we opened the pack they were easy to install and worked wonders for keeping little fingers out of where they shouldn't be. The indicator to show whether it is locked or unlocked was great in making sure we closed things properly so that the little ones wouldn't get into anything. Overall a wonderful ingenious product and I will definitely be buying more.

Therese2, Echunga SA


I am very happy with this product. The child safety range includes locks for everything you could think of and is especially good for safety in the kitchen. The Kitchen is one of the primary areas for childrens accidents/injuries and they have this well covered. The locks EZY-Check Indicator enables you to know that the lock is properly secured. I would recommend this product to my friends for it's range of Child Safety locks and for peace of mind for the safety of their young children.

Kirsten, Hastings VIC


This Safety items not only do the job - the look great. I have used similar products in the past but hated the way the looked in the house. They were very obvious and seemed to issue a challenge to my toddler to try and break in!
The new style items do the job better than ever and actually look like they belong to the decor.
I had no problem installing them (following the provided instructions) and my little one was not able to get in where he shouldn't.
It will be interesting to see how these products go over time, after continual use (for say 4-6 months) to see if they are still as strong and no plastic parts have broken.

Mrs AJC, Birkdale QLD


I am constantly looking for great products to make my home safer for my cherubs, and even though I have had 3 children my youngest finds new ways to get into mischief. The Dreambaby products are a life saver when it comes to safety in and around the house. Also being a renter, having products that can stick on rather than screw in are simply invaluable! Strong and sturdy the multi-purpose latches were great to pop on draws, cabinets and even utilised in the tv room to stop little fingers getting into the dvd case! I love the flexibility of these products and the fact that it isn't too hard for us adults to get them open which can be a problem with some baby safety gear! Unfortunately, the Microwave and Oven Lock didn't last long. After following the instructions to the letter for application it was only 2 days before Master 2 decided to take on the challenge of not being able to open the oven. After a couple of descent tugs on the oven door the plastic lock broke at the base and a piece of plastic flew off. Whilst the oven door didn't fair so well with the microwave and oven lock, refrigerator latch was extremely handy for keeping the microwave safe, closed and free from little fingers who try to 'help' by removing cooked food! I preferred to use the flexible multi-purpose latch on the fridge for ease of use opening an closing the fridge for my older children as it was a bit easier for them to navigate than the latches. All in all I love the Dreambaby safety products and will most definitely recommend them to anyone who needs to baby or kid proof their home!