9 x Buggy Bottle Buddies

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About The Product


Ever wished you had another pair of hands?

The convenient solution to your baby feeding needs on the go!

Leaves Mum or Dad hands free to get shopping done, attend to your other kids, enjoy coffee at cafes & a million other things!

Encourages developmental motor skills in babies unable to yet hold their own bottle & promotes self soothing. Useful for older toddlers who like to play “Chuck the bottle/cup out of the pram.”

Baby only needs to tilt the apparatus down towards them to direct the bottle to their mouth & simply let go, when finished. There’s no need for baby to be able to grip bottle. Starts in up right position, baby tilts down towards mouth, then reverts back to up right position when baby lets go or stops sucking. No choking hazard.

Safely teaching your baby to be more independent & allowing you the freedom that hands-free bottle feeding provides.

Made from nylon, high quality, machine washable, baby bottle/sippy cup holder.

Fits most forward facing buggies, prams & strollers, including twin, with a 45 degree angle frame.

Designed in Australia

RRP $59.95

Recommended for use with babies/infants aged approx 3-18 months.


Product Reviews

Tamara27, Cobar NSW


this is such a cleaver product. my son loves to throw his bottle out the pram and it drives me insane as then 5 minutes later he will want it and i cant give it to him.
this was very easy to set up and solved all my problem.

thankyou for inventing this product!!