9 x Blooms Natural Powder Duo's

About The Product

Shape up for a healthy summer with Blooms Health Products natural powders that can be added to water, juice or smoothies for a daily health hit!

Green Coffee Bean Powder: Sourced from France, Blooms Green Coffee Bean Powder is an extract from raw, decaffeinated green coffee beans, unlike the roasted beans in our daily caffeinated coffee drinks. Blooms Green Coffee Bean Powder is:

• GM-free,

• Non-irradiated

• Does not contain sweeteners or preservatives

• Contains minimum 45% chlorogenic acids

Blooms Green Coffee Bean Powder is a natural, antioxidant-rich source of chlorogenic acids, known for their health benefits.

Cholesterol Balance Beta-Glucan Powder: Blooms Cholesterol Balance Powder provides high quality beta-glucan in a convenient powder scientifically shown to reduce blood cholesterol naturally.

Oral intake of Blooms Cholesterol Balance Beta- Glucan Powder forms a gel inside the stomach and small intestine that mops up excess cholesterol resulting in a lower LDL cholesterol level and a lower total cholesterol level.

Scientific research into the effects of beta-glucan show an overall lowering of “bad” LDL cholesterol by around 10%.  The cholesterol lowering effect of beta-glucan has been demonstrated by a large number of studies over a number of years.      


Product Reviews

Jinjjer, Weipa QLD


I am very pleased with the products I received from Blooms. The company sent a good, informative catalogue and information brochure with the 2 powders.

The first, the Green coffee powder uses just a tiny bit each day (1/4 teaspoon), and dissolves very easily into smoothies, yoghurt and other liquids. It has a slight bitter taste when mixed with water, but is not noticeable when mixed with other beverages or foods.

The second, the Cholesterol Balance Beta-Glucan Powder, has no taste at all when mixed even with water, although there is a tiny bit of a grainy texture to the mixed results. I mixed it with my yoghurt and muesli each morning and it was not noticeable at all. It also can be mixed with smoothies and juices, or almost anything really.

Although it's too soon to see the results of taking these powders, they are known to be very beneficial, and Blooms delivers them in an easy to take, convenient product. I will definitely be looking at more of their products, and will recommend them to others.

Kate1240, Margate QLD


I really enjoyed reviewing these products, and achieved some great results using them.

The Cholesterol Balance was easy to take, I simply mixed it with water, but a number of suggestions are available. There was no significant taste and I noticed it reduced bloating as well.

The Green Coffee Bean Powder was very bitter and not so palatable, but I felt like it gave me an energy boost, and I managed to lose 3kg without any significant changes to my diet other than adding these two supplements!

I would definitely recommend both of them, and will continue to buy and take these supplements, for sure!

Karyn18, Taigum QLD


I was excited to receive the sample of Cholesterol Balance as I'd been to the doctor a few weeks earlier and been told that my cholesterol was bordering on being a problem. Having not had any cholesterol issue before this was certainly a shock for me, so the sample came at the right time.

Initially I was worried about what it might taste like (all these kinds of products claim to have a pleasant taste) but I have to say, the Cholesterol Balance lived up to its word. I sprinkled it on my weet-bix every morning and it just tasted "fresh and healthy".

I have also been using the Green Coffee Bean Powder for a few weeks now, and I have felt an overall improvement in my health. As with the cholesterol balance, this product came at the right time as my doctor had given me a mini-lecture about taking a bit better care of myself.

Having both of these products encouraged me to have a positive focus on my health, and in only a few short weeks I have really noticed a difference.... the serving sizes are quite small too so I think when I end up buying my next lot it will be value for money.

I would definitely recommend them (and I am strangely looking forward to my next cholesterol test!)

Pat175969, Upwey VIC


Easy to take, I ,ixed with water. Whilst not the most tasty, it certainly improved my fibre intake. Left me feeling healthier and I think helped improve my skin condition (psorasis

Tess2, Youngtown TAS


The Cholesterol Balance powder is definitely only suitable for smoothies as it thickens your drink....made for a funny reaction from hubby when I gave him a 'thickened' orange juice. In saying that, the taste is fine, not really noticeable at all.
Now I love the Green Coffee Bean powder and added it to my once a day coffee in the mornings. Didn't even notice it was there, and I have two small children who being back to school have been nothing but sniffly germ buckets the past three weeks.....while I haven't had a hitch! I'm putting it down to the Green Coffee Bean powder, which I highly recommend.