9 x 'Astrology Secrets of the Moon' by Patsy Bennett

About The Product

In Astrology Secrets of the Moon, renowned astrologer Patsy Bennett provides a detailed guide to understanding the moon's north node signs.

We are all familiar with our sun signs, but when used in conjunction, the moon’s north nodes can provide a detailed picture of what can truly make you happy, explaining clearly what will lead you to a more productive and satisfying life.

Based on your unique astrological makeup you will also discover your most successful career paths, your most rewarding activities and the most fulfilling approaches to life that you can take.

Product Reviews

JessicaSindo, Mildura VIC


I've always been really interested in Astrology and this book is an awesome read and insight into life and personality traits. My husband and I really enjoyed reading our star signs meaning and would definitely recommend this book to others! I couldn't stop reading and it really was spot on for the both of us. Thanks for a great read! Big thumbs up from us.

Wendy, Cardiff South NSW


A very interesting and inspiring read. Once I opened the book, I could not put it down. It was so accurate for not only my own sign but those of family and friends. This book gave me a deeper understanding of myself, my strengths, my potential troublesome areas and how to be more aware of who I am. I was so delighted with reading this book that I even read parts to my husband. Definitely a thumbs up!

Michelle1703, Glenwood NSW


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