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About The Product

Patented technology had allowed WaterWipes to develop the world's purest baby wipe.  WaterWipes contain 99.9% purified water, and grapefruit seed extract...and that is it! Unlike other wipes on the market they contain no parabens, lanolin, alcohol, fragrance, or any of those other hard to pronounce chemicals that we would probably all think twice about putting on our families skin, if only we knew what they were, or what they did!

WaterWipes, are as pure as the cotton wool and boiled water that midwives worldwide recommend for use on your baby's skin, but more convenient. Being the only baby wipe in the world that contains no chemicals, they help prevent nappy rash and other sensitive skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, and can be used from birth.

WaterWipes are available from Coles or buy online now.


Product Reviews

Kerry496, St Ives NSW


There are no other wipes on the market as pure as Waterwipes. I could confidently use on my baby boy knowing that there were no nasty chemicals. The wipes were extremely effective at cleaning yet so gentle on his brand new skin! I have finally found a wipe I love and trust.

Paige, Hornsby NSW


I've tried these wipes for a few days and really love them. They can clean my bub's bums properly without leaving sticky fluid on her skin which happened while I was using other wipes. It's nearly scent free. My bub has sensitive skin like her dad and these wipes are perfect for her, and she hasn't had nappy rash after using them. I highly recommend WaterWipes and will definitely buy after running out of my prize.

Yenny2, Mitcham VIC


In the past, my newborn baby's skin used to have rashes from constant wiping with other wipes sold in the market which I found them to be quite harsh on the skin. People recommend me to use just cottonwool and water, but I am not a big fan of using cottonwool since its surface is quite small and it is not as efficient as normal wipes during nappy changing. Since then I have been looking for wipes which contain just water and finally I found this WaterWipes. Since using WaterWipes, my baby's skin condition has improved a lot and it makes changing nappy a breeze. Thank you so much WaterWipes, what a brilliant product.