8 x Thistle Be Good Quinoa Hampers

About The Product

We produce a delicious and innovative gourmet range of ready to cook flavoured Quinoa! We were one of the first people to do this in Australia. They are so tasty – you really have to try them to believe; No more bland tasting quinoa!

Our flavours are: Sundried Tomato and Kalamata Olive, Persian with Date and Pistachio and Porcini with Roasted Garlic.

Our mission and focus is to produce the most flavoursome food that we can, using the best ingredients that we can access. We eat really good, tasty food ourselves, and would never produce anything for you that we do not thoroughly enjoy ourselves. You can be assured of great quality and delicious meals when you use our products. We also appreciate that we need quick and healthy ready/quick meal options. We hope that we can make your life just that little bit easier by giving you these products.

We also produce a range of handmade, ready to cook Risotto and Couscous, 3 dukkah and 6 dry spice marinades known as ‘The Rub."


Product Reviews

Stacey374, Moonta Bay SA


I was so excited to get my thistle be good products and so surprised by just how delicious they were! Im sure to buy more, which makes my family very happy too… I tried the Green pea, lemon and Mint risotto first and being a green colour, my 4 year old daughter didn't want to try any at first. But once she did, she could not eat it fast enough!!! It was my first time trying Dukkah and i loved it! My partner said it was better than other brands he'd tried. I love Quinoa, but the flavours of thistle be good were like nothing i've tried before! They couldn't have got it more right :) My favourite was all of them and i really loved the Moroccan with Currants couscous too! I could go on but i shouldn't! Just make sure you try this Amazing healthy product!!!!

Vicki129, Monto QLD


Absolutely beautiful. Never tried it before now I used the Dukkah rub on chicken breasts and cooked in the George foreman grill and sliced them and served on top of the quinoa, was delicious, also had with steak and fish, will definitely be buying this. Thank you for the opportunity to try something new :)

Carmen62, Paralowie SA


Having never used this product before I was a little hesitant in trying something new.
With a fussy eater in my house it was going to be a challenge to get him to eat something new but I did it - we had the Moroccan with Currants yesterday (Saturday) at a BBQ - it went well with the BBQ chicken skewers and everyone loved it.
I find the product easy to use, full of flavour even before you ope the packet you can smell the spices which for me is a great indicator that it's a good product.
I have recommended the product to everyone who attended the BBQ as they all really enjoyed - because of that I also then did the Persian with Dates and Pistachio and that went down well also - unfortunately I am not an olive eater so therefore gave this pack to a friend to try - will be using the Egyptian Dukkah in my Rissoles this week to add a bit of a "kick" -
Highly recommend this product, easy instructions, full of flavour, and has a generous serving for the family and or a party looking forward to continuing using products.

Tanya1978, Capel WA


The first dish we tried was the Lemon, Mint & Pea Risotto. We had it as a side to some grilled chicken breast. The flavour was all there.. and it cooked up really well. Instructions were easy to follow and the whole family enjoyed it, from my 3 year old to my husband. I shared some of the quinoa with a friend who loves the product and tried the Sundried Olives with Kalamata Olives for myself one lunch time. I love the Italian flavours and was amazed at how well a dried product became a delicious gourmet dish in a matter of minutes. I had never tried Quinoa before and was quite impressed with the outcome. My next project will be to try out some of the more subtle flavours with my three kids.

I am saving the Dukkah for the Christmas Table feast and look forward to trying it for the first time too. Life is too short and new experiences should never be made idle.

Many thanks to the crew at Lifestyle Try It, Rate It and to Thistle Be Good for this delicious opportunity.

Jeremy, North Lakes QLD


I have eaten all the 4 different types of Thistle Be Good products and found them all to be rather good.
The Couscous Morroccan with Currants was really yummy. It was simple to prepare and had wonderful flavours. I had it as a side dish to a lamb stew and it complemented it perfectly. The currants were delicious in it.
The three different flavours of Quinoa were all very nice. They had subtle flavours but enough to make them a change from the usual quinoa I have cooked. The Sundried Tomato with Kalamata was the best. I made the Tabbouleh with this flavour and had it as a salad for a party. Everyone loved it. I usually make traditional Tabbouleh with cracked wheat but my friends think this version is better.
My party guests also enjoyed dipping fresh bread in oil and then the Egyptian Dukkah. We had this with our pre-dinner drinks and it was polished off in no time with everyone commenting on how tasty it was. I will be attempting the Fruit Crumble recipe with this when I purchase some more.
The Garden Pea, Lemon & Mint Risotto was probably not as good as the others. It needed more water than stated in the cooking instructions for it to cook fully and the texture was a little gluey. There wasn’t much flavour in this variety either. I had it without any protien added and I think it needed some chicken or fish to liven it up a little. I think that it would work well for the Arancini recipe. I might give it a go.
I think these are really nice products and I cant wait to but more and try the other favours.