8 x Tea & Me Teapot Sets

About The Product

Our Blossom Balls are all handcrafted with the finest tea and will definitely be a crowd pleaser and the talk of the party. Not only are they a beautiful tasty work of art, tea also has a lot of health benefits.

Each Blossom Ball will give you approx. 8 – 10 cups of tea. Best enjoyed in a 400 – 800ml clear glass teapot and steeped for approximately 5 - 10 minutes, a longer brewing will not spoil the tea but rather improve the taste.

We hope you enjoy our tea, one Blossom Ball at a time


Product Reviews

Eryn18, Mernda VIC


Loved this product. I took it to a afternoon with a few of my girlfirends. everyone loved it to,

The teaa was delious and not overpowering. And the flower ball was a real talking point.

My tea pot was smashed upon opening the box, but the tea was great!

Alison761, Torrensville SA


A beautiful, dainty teapot with scrumptious blossom balls of tea. Wonderful, aromatic flavours and a tasty tea drink. We had friends over for lunch and they were very impressed with the teapot and the tea. This would make a wonderful Christmas present and would no doubt get much use.

Peter114865, Bundoora VIC


Great idea, amazingly easy to make the perfect cup of tea. Flavours yummy as. Especially love Oriental Sunset. Mmmmm!

Tze Ling, Rochedale QLD


Love the different type of tea that blossoms into pretty flowers. Each tea gave very unique smell and flavour. Though each have different strength and taste, we like and enjoyed them all. We also realised the bigger the pot and the longer we leave it to sit, the better the flavour can be. We refill the pot for up to 5 times for some and they still have good flavour.