8 x Plum Baby Sleeping Bags

About The Product

Plum Sleep Bags are soft, safe and absolutely adorable. 

Baby sleep bags are the simplest and safest way to put your baby to sleep.  Baby Sleeping bags ensure your child is the correct temperature at night and they have another benefit – reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - SIDS.

Baby sleeping bags are safer for baby because they:

  • Prevent a baby’s legs from dangling out between got rails and getting caught
  • Lessen the likelihood that baby’s will roll on to their tummy
  • Stops a baby’s head from being covered by loose blankets in the cot
  • Ensure babies stay warm at night

Product Reviews

estar, Sunshine VIC


My PLUMS sleeping bag had penguins and polar bears on it, adorable! The material feels so soft and of excellent quality! It looks so snug on my nephew, he is already cute but now he looks even cuter if that is possible!

The star button is not working but I give it 5 stars!

Emma2039, Langwarrin VIC


This is amazing! My daughter wriggles so much and her blankets fall off and this solved the problem! She was snuggly and warm and slept for 16hours the first night and 15 the next! And her naps have been longer and i think it is because she has been warm! Deffinatley worth using!!!