8 x Pie Society Gift Boxes

About The Product

Pie Society provides a unique gift meal delivery service. You will receive a beautifully packaged Pie Society Gift Box containing one of their dinner sized pies baked in a gorgeous red and white retro enamelware pie dish, alongside tasty side dishes to make a complete meal for the family.

Pie Society sources the best Australian produce for their range of pie fillings, their crispy, handmade butter pastry and the accompanying side dishes that make up the family-size meals. The meat and poultry are all free-range and nitrate-free, and the herbs and vegetables are often organic. They make their own additive-free stocks, sauces and gravy. The Gift Boxes are delivered throughout Sydney and some nearby areas, and are a thoughtful gift for sleepless new parents, those grieving a loss, as a post-holiday thank you from grateful house-guests and for the elderly or people struggling to cook. Pie Society also produce a range of dinner pies in disposable dishes (to stash in the freezer), party pies, mini sausage rolls and desserts.

Product Reviews

Scot6, Canada Bay NSW


We received the box containing the pie with sides.. it was well packed and shipped in a polystyrene box to keep it cool and safely delivered on the day and in the time frame advised.

On opening the box we discovered a Chicken Leek & Thyme Pie gift box that also contained sides of minty pea puree, onion gravy and buttery mashed potato. The presentation looked great. The pie in a red and white enamel pie dish while the sides were in sealed plastic pouches.

Instructions or cooking guidelines were on the pie and each of the serves.

The pie went in the oven on the relevant settings and would have taken another 20 min longer than the cooking instructions. This could vary depending on several factors such as the oven, and if the pie was frozen or thawed beforehand. The same with the sides taking longer than planned.

On dishing up, we had a large slice of pie and very generous servings of sides, the meal smelled and looked great. The size of the pie and the servings along with sides could easily do a family of 4 , however with just a family of two here I can see myself having left over pie for lunch tomorrow ?.

The Pie crust a nice flaky brown colour, the peas a lovely green colour and the mash a smooth white mash all smother in the onion gravy.

The Pie had a lot of chicken and leek hidden under the lovely pastry, the pie itself a little dry when cutting into it for serving up, I guess I normally expect a nice rich gravy when cutting into the pie , however this was easily resolved with the abundance of gray also provided as a side, which we smothered all over the pie and mash etc. ?

On eating the meal, I have to say the pie was wonderful, nice taste to the chicken and leek with plenty of filling in the pie. The pastry was perfect with the right amount of crisp and the right texture and taste. The Mint Pea Puree was tasty, the mash smooth and creamy.

Both plates returned to the kitchen completely empty as we both devoured the meal.

I have to say I would recommend the Pie Society when in search of a pie, as the service, the presentation and the most important, the taste were all wonderful.

I look forward to trying what other pies the Pie Society offer as we love a pie we just consumed.

Wendy627, Castle Hill NSW


I was really impressed with the Pie and the mashed potatoes, minted peas and gravy. It was absolutely delicious, my whole family loved it and it was very filling and healty. I loved the presentation including the Pie Plate and the fact that it was delivered nice and chilled. Alot of thought and care has gone into the Product from the planning,quality of the food to the presentation and delivery - very customer orientated. I thought it was fantastic. It was a great meal for a family and would be a great present/suprise for someone. Very impressed with this product.

tangles, Dulwich Hill NSW


Pie was delicious! Was sent the beef cottage pie with side of onion gravy, mash and mushy peas. Pie was really nice, full of flavour. Went well with the sides that were provided. Only suggestion would be clearer cooking instructions such as 'from frozen', and 'from thawed'. Will recommend to friends and family!

Cecilia41, Mosman NSW


I was very impressed by the quality of the pie and the side dishes. Having a healthy meal delivered to our door, was such a treat; it had a delicious homemade quality that reminded me of the pies my mother made. My daughter loved it too. My husband found the pie slightly bland, although he tends to pour BBQ sauce on everything he eats, so I think his taste buds are somewhat dubious as food quality testers. I would estimate the pie was big enough for a family of four at the most, although the serve of mash was not really adequate for all four of us. Which was a shame as it was particularly delicious! The minted peas were very much enjoyed also. This is a service I would definitely recommend for new mothers, those who are unwell, or just for a well deserved break from cooking every day!

Tabitha, Summer Hill NSW


YUM!!! who would have thought food delivered at home could taste so good & be so natural! not only did it taste great but the rest of the family wanted seconds... it came with some side dishes to compliment the pie.