8 x Ookaaì Bamboo Bed Sheet Sets

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About The Product

Now you too can experience the luxury of Bamboo Bed Sheets at reasonable prices thanks to Ookaaì.

Bamboo fibres have a silk like texture, soft and smooth to touch making them gentle on your skin and a pleasure to sleep in.

Bamboo is an extremely breathable fibre, which allows you to sleep far more peacefully and in comfort.

Another great plus for bamboo sheets is a property inherited directly from the plant, and that is that bamboo fibres are naturally anti-bacterial which gives your sheets the following benefits wash after wash:

1. Naturally Deodorising – this means that unlike cottons, your sheets will not retain those odour causing bacteria

2. Hypo Allergic – without bacteria to feed on your sheets will remain free of those allergy causing dust mites

3. Free of Chemicals – Due to its hardy anti-bacterial nature Bamboo is grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals

Bamboo is also temperature regulating thus keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter by up to 4 degrees when compared to plain cottons.

Bamboo is a sustainable and eco friendly resource.

After all, who says enjoying a little luxury and comfort has to cost the earth!

Buy your bamboo bed sheets directly from Ookaaì at www.ookaai.com.au and treat yourself to a good nights’ sleep.

Product Reviews

missy, Toorak VIC


I've always slept in 100% cotton & I thought that was the best you could do but the bamboo sheets are a lot softer to the touch & feel silky smooth when your lying in bed.
These bamboo sheets really are cooler in Summer as well which has been great with this dreadful recent heat.
The bamboo sheets are so smooth & relaxing I don't have any trouble drifting off to sleep.
The only problem now is, I love them that much I don't want to get out of bed! lol

Myrtle, Launceston TAS


Thank you for the opportunity to review one of the Ookaaì Bamboo Bed Sheet Sets.
From the first touch of this linen I knew my review would be written favourably. I had expected the starchy, almost scratchy, feel of most new sheets and pillowcases – especially considering Ookaai linen is made out of bamboo fibres! Surprisingly, however, Ookaai have manufactured a soft, luxurious texture that certainly doesn’t require washing before first use. Another positive that soon became apparent was the generous dimensions of both the pillowcases and the fitted sheet, enabling the sheet to wrap around a deeper mattress with plenty of underlap. A pleasure to sleep between that’s definitely worth top rating. Five stars from me.

Maria481, Edensor Park NSW


These sheets are wonderful, they feel silky and each night it feels like you have put clean sheets on the bed. Over the christmas period we have had some extreme weather and these sheets did have a cooling effect. My only concern was how creased they were when taken of the washing line, because draw the line at ironing sheets, however once on the bed the wrinkles came out. Another pet hate of mine are sheets that are no big enough for for a good tuck in under the mattress and if you up the size then there is too much overhang , these sheets are the perfect size and have not shrunk at all when washed. I love them and will be purchasing more and the price is amazing for the quality!

Simon210, Dudley Park WA


This product was a pleasure to try, the sheets were incerdibly soft and inviting.Even during a sweltering Perth summer these sheets were both comfortable and cool. As a consumer I appreciate sustainable producs that minimise any carbon footprint and was unaware of any such products avaiable in linen. As a result I will be recommending these sheets to friends an family. I look forward to many comfortable nights sleeping with bamboo bed sheets.