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About The Product

Fancy swapping your Australian abode with a Parisian apartment? A beachside bungalow in the Caribbean? Or how about a country estate in England? You can thanks to vacation alternative, HomeExchange, the largest and fastest growing online home exchange company in the world.

Based on the simple concept of ‘you stay in my home whilst I stay in yours’, HomeExchange provides members with the opportunity to trade their homes and reap the benefits of a safe, affordable way to explore the world whilst living like a true local on vacation. Many movie-lovers will recognise HomeExchange.com from The Holiday, whereby Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz’s on-screen characters exchanged an English countryside cottage for a Los Angeles mansion.

With a member base of 45,000 worldwide, HomeExchange sees over 75,000 successful home exchanges every year and is positively regarded as an economic, cultural and environmentally sustainable way to travel. Currently, there are 1812 listings in Australia on www.homeexchange.com, and Australia is the third most-searched destination by HomeExchange members after the USA, France and is equal to Canada.

The annual membership for HomeExchange AU$131.40; a minimal cost in comparison to the value in exchanging homes. With no hotel bills and the ability to exchange everything from cars to boats to bicycles, HomeExchange represents an economical style of travel that has the additional benefit of reducing carbon footprints.



Product Reviews

Jacqui202, St Albans Park VIC


Fantastic set out web page.... easy to use...

If i was lucky enough to be travelling the world this is a great way to plan an overseas vacation...

briseis1, Whalan NSW


Excellent website so very easy to navigate and easy to understand

jojo20, Clayfield QLD


A great idea if you like holidays which are like home away from home style. Setting up your HomeExchange profile is a lengthy process but looking up possible exchanges makes it all exciting. Were looking forward to our first home Exchange holiday!