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About The Product

Over the past few years, we’ve all developed an addiction to our straightening irons. But hair is now loosening up, with everything from soft waves to tight curls appearing in the pages of fashion magazines and on celebrities at red carpet events. Stylist and celebrity hairdresser, Dario Cotroneo saw the difficulty women were having recreating these looks at home, and he decided to do something about it! After 3 years of research and development, Dario successfully created the perfect design for an easy-to-use styler that works with irons or blowdryers, and that consistently delivers beautiful s-shaped waves and curls. The result is MYCURL. The heat-resistant technology of MYCURL allows it to be safely used with any thermal straightener, while the patented s-shape design results in the perfect flat curl. No more old fashioned big barrel curls! The simple 3-step MYCURL styling routine gives salon-quality results in minutes. 1. Separate hair into sections and spray with protective thermal product. 2. Wind mid-lengths around a MYCURL and secure ends with first strap. Wind remaining hair up and secure 2nd strap. 3. Clamp irons directly over MYCURL for 3 to 5 seconds or use blow-dryer. Leave to cool. Result: Take MYCURLS out and style into desired result. For all styling tips visit our professional video tutorials at www.mycurl.me

Product Reviews

S L Reed, Norwood TAS


Great. Easy to use with fantastic results. Would recommend to others!!

seedyem, Essendon VIC


Super easy to use, the MyCurl system gives me the simplest reliable curl I've been able to sport. It takes less than 10 minutes to get them in - just loosely divide your hair into 6 sections, wrap, roll and secure. And then you just heat, leave (for as long as you can to cool) and remove. I believe the longer you can leave them in to cool the longer you can expect the curl to last. I'm looking forward to incorporating a much more glamorous look into my regular beauty regime - it's just too easy to use. I'm keen to trial sleeping in them (as recommended in the instructions). And so far I'm delighted with the results! Thanks MyCurl and LifestyleYOU!

Leonie3, Monterey NSW


After a bit of fiddling, getting used to the rubber bands, I found this product gave a great curl. I have thick shoulder length hair with a wave, and I found this product even settled my hair down. My daughter also tried it on her long fine hair and she was delighted with the long ringlet curl she could produce. It was certainly easier to use than a straightening iron or hot rollers It took very little time to produce the curl.

Helen3, Walkley Heights SA


I've brought many products to try and help me create curls but have always found them either too difficult to use, too time consuming or I didn't like the results. I have to admit this made me doubt that the MYCURL would work and be as easy to use as was suggested.
I watched a couple of the video tutorials before I had a go at using them in my hair and had to admit that it did look pretty easy so I decided to give it a go.
I have quite thick slightly wavy hair and found the MYCURL easy to put in and then it was very easy to use my straightener to set the curls. After waiting for it to cool I took them out and have to say I was surprised by the results. For the first time I had been able to create a soft curl. Considering this was only the first time I'd used the MYCURL I was pretty happy with the results.
Overall the MYCURL was quick to use and I was very pleased with the results. Looks like I'll now be able to do something other than just straighten my hair when I want to wear it down.

Tayla2, Balmoral QLD


Advantages: this product is great for on the go, easy to pack and incredibly light, the ease of use is also a bonus, allowing for quick solution to curly hair or luxurious waves within 15mins

Disadvantages: the light and small size of the product is offset by the fact that you still need to carry a straightener in use this product. Also recommend frizz control spray, as unlike a curling iron will take some time to get the hang of in order to obtain the greatest curls

Conclusion: although it does not produce as great a result as a curling iron it is still an cheap and easy to use solution i recommend for any beginner or traveller