8 x Marzena Hair Removal Sets

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About The Product

With summer here, Marzena’s wide range of hair removal products is guaranteed to deliver silky, hair-free skin. Marzena makes salon-quality smoothness easier than ever, with a product for every part of the body, all skin types and all ages.

Marzena’s products are easy to use, time-saving and the most economical available. The product range is dermatologist tested and approved, cruelty free and, where possible, uses only natural ingredients. The time-tested range includes natural wax strips, hair removal creams, in-shower hair removal creams, and Brazilian and liquid waxes. Brazilian salon and liquid waxes are 100% natural and water soluble, ensuring mess free hair removal.

The Natural Wax strips are made from 100% natural ingredients, dermatologist tested and contain no petrochemicals and no unnecessary ingredients. Simply 100% Natural and very effective. The natural pine wax is plentiful on the strip and can be re-used up to 5 times per treatment meaning they are very cost effective and affordable.

The Marzena Hair Remover creams are perfect for bikini, legs and underarm and gently infused with the essence of summer fruits.

Marzena’s hair lightener gently lightens even the darkest hair on the face or body, making embarrassing ‘hairy issues’ a thing of the past.

The Marzena range is available from Coles, Priceline and Pharmacy stores throughout Australia. Visit www.marzena.com or phone 1 800 128 618.

Product Reviews

Raga Karzon, Heckenberg NSW


Congrats on a simply wonderful product. I have been a waxer for many years, it has a aromatherapy enriched scent which made the occasion much more pleasant. It only took 3 strips to finish my legs that was amazing.

Kirsten114, Hastings VIC


Large Wax Strips for Legs and Body
The large pre-waxed strips make hair removal over larger areas such as legs and body really easy to do. The wax is coated in a thin layer on a transparent wax strip. It is designed to allow you to see what you're doing. One of the best features of this product is it's cost effectiveness- each strip is designed to be used up to 6 times and strips come in a box of 20 which means you can get multiple uses out of a single box.

Mini Wax Strips for Bikini/Face/Underarm
The mini strips are designed for smaller, harder to reach areas on the body such as face, underarms and bikini line. The strips are cut to a perfect size for these difficult areas which means hair removal is really easy and not at all messy. Would love it if these were water soluble like the Brazilian Wax.

Brazilian Salon Wax
So gentle and yet removes all of the hair. Best of all it is water soluble making cleaning up so easy.

Face & Body Hair Lightener
The smell isn't overpowering like some other bleaches, it's minimal mess and really easy to apply. I found it didn't hurt sensitive skin on the face (for example, the upper lip). Great alternative to shaving or waxing.

Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion
Works without feeling a thing. It was fast, easy to use and removed all my hair. Best of all the smell was minimal. No problems with skin reacting to the product (another big plus). It does what it says with minimal effort and fuss. Just great!

Overall a big thumbs up for the brand.

Kaarina5, Burnie TAS


this product came with 20 large and 20 small ready to use wax stripes, the large were about 17cm by 10cm and the small were 10cm by 3.5cm. the amount of wax on these were a little less than what i would use if i was using the wax out of the jar, this ment that when i used them the wax wouldn't take off all the hair and i would have to go back over it, to remove them all.
however it only took me one of the large strips to take off 95% off each leg. the strips were made out of a plastic which made it heat up really quick in your hands but by the time that you had fiddled with the ends to get them open the wax was already cold... also being the plastic that they were when trying to pull the strips off you lost grip and lost control of the wax.
the little ones were extremely useful to shape my eye brows, also only needing to 1 for each eye brow to get rid of all the hair i wanted gone...
the smell of the wax was extremely pleasant compared to other waxes i have used in the past and was easy to remove the access of wax off my skin...
the hair removal cream i absolutely loved, it did not have that distinct horrible smell that most other hair removal creams have, it had a subtle smell of it but also of a nice aloe vera sent...
i did not believe that the cream would work in the 4 minutes that it implied that it would because of the thickness of the hair that i was using it on, but after the timer went off i washed it off and every single strand of hair was gone and my skin was left smooth and moisturised. the thing i liked most about the hair removal cream was that when i was using my hands it smear the product it did not damage my nails which i find most of the other hair removal creams do.
the hair lightener i was the most excited to use because i have a hair problem where i grow stringy dark hairs on my chin and the rest of my hair is blonde apart from my head hair and my eye brows... the lightener came with a mixing tub a mixing wand and two creams, the lightener and a vitaliser, the vitaliser smelt strongly of bleach and the lightener smelt of hair dye shampoo, i mixed even amounts of each in to the tub and applied it onto my skin in the affected areas and waited the recommended 7 minutes. when i removed the mixture my skin felt soft and the hairs were noticeable lighter, almost invisible.
the Brazilian bikini wax, smelt incredible, it clung to the hair extremely well compared to the ready to use was strips and pulled out most if not all the hair, it was thick to put on and cooled quick to not have to wait ages to pull it off.

overall, i loved more about them then i hated, the only things i really disliked was the plastic of the ready to use wax strips and the smell of some of the products were horrible, but the pros out weigh the cons with the consistency of the products and the quality of them...