8 x Magic Glass Cleaner Sparkle Packs

About The Product

The Magic Glass Cleaner team are mums who pride themselves on a pristine home that shines with cleanliness. Raising a family is one of the most challenging yet rewarding roles that we all face. Without a lot of spare time, it was important to find the right product that would save time, money, be environmentally friendly and still manage to deliver outstanding results.

The team at Magic Glass Cleaner has taken the time to do all the research for you, enabling your home and lifestyle to benefit from our wealth of knowledge and experience.

You can achieve sparkling, streak free cleaning with our Magic Glass Cloth without the use of toxic chemicals. Just add water! And our Magic All Purpose Scrub is a non-scatch cloth with a unique microfiber pattern, created to cut through stubborn scum within your home.

We are offering the chance to review one of eight Magic Glass Cleaner Sparkle Packs! Each pack includes everything you need to get started.

Product Reviews

Paula77, Trarlgon VIC


I have tried numerous products that claim to work with just water, but kept on going back to my favoured chemical spray. I have a glass splashback that I have been unable to get streak free - this product did it! The scrubber cloth is brilliant and I found that I was able to obtain streak free clean with just this. I also had to wash cloths and afterwards there was no change in their performance. I highly recommend these cloths

Robyn854, Woolooware NSW


Received these earlier this week, have just tested them and found them to be fantastic. Highly recommend to all

sheza, Tahmoor NSW


Absolutely love the magic cleaning cloth everything sparkles and just to add water without chemicals is a bonus in my eyes, and the mirrors and windows and let me tell you I have a few in my house and what a difference, they certainly got the name right "Magic" and magic it is.
Thank you for letting me review this product and hopefully I look forward to other products to test and review in the future.

Miss Sheralee Newsome

Linda164, Closeburn QLD


The Magic Glass Cloth was amazing for cleaning windows and glass, easy to use and the large size was a bonus, I currently use a similar product, but this was far superior and I will be purchasing this product again in the future.

The Magic all Purpose Scrub was also an excellent product, so easy to use, environmentally friendly, using no chemicals is always a win and left everything I cleaned sparkling and shiny with little effort.

Thank you for letting me trial your amazing products, I had not heard of them until I applied to trial them and am very please that I was selected.

Amanda920, Ringwood North VIC


I have been using these clothes for 1 month now, and wow they are great. I would and have recommended them to friends. After one month of daily use I can still say the clothes look and feel brand new. You would have no idea that they have been used daily, they don't smell or have any marks.

I really like the Magic All Purpose Scrub cloth its great for bench tops. I love that it leaves the bench tops streak free and is environmentally friendly. No need for chemicals. Its great that you just add water and wipe. The magic class cleaner is great too, easy to use in the bathroom on the mirrors and glass although I definitely prefer the Magic All Purpose Scrub cloth.

I would definitely buy these clothes again, and I'm glad I got a chance to use them. Magic Class cleaner is a great product for a low cost of $34.95 and I truly think once you use them you will not go back to other clothes and chemicals.

Victoria508, Balgowlah NSW


I have used similar products before but the big advantage with Magic Cloths is their size. The directions say fold in half and half again, which gives you eight sides, which equals a lot of cleaning before you need to wash and rinse your cloth (even if you are an infrequent cleaning lady like I am!). The scrub cloth is particularly good - cleaned and polished the sink and stainless steel surfaces in the kitchen easily and quickly. I might even buy another one to keep in the bathroom for a daily scrub of the tiles and shower screens. Great to have a cleaning product that is reusable and chemical free.