8 x Latest Buys Novelty USB Tap Charger

About The Product

Sometimes it’s the smallest things in life that can brighten up our day and take the edge off the daily grind. A funny joke, a piece of cake, or a new LatestBuy gizmo perhaps? If you get tired of constantly charging your iPhone and gadgets, freshen up your phone accessories with this cool iTap USB charger, and you’ll soon be itching for your electricals to run out of battery.

Turn the tap on and off to control the flow of electricity, and make this mundane task a smile-inducing one as you jazz up your plug socket in an instant. Don’t ever get caught out by the schoolboy error of forgetting to turn the plug on, as the blue and red lights clearly indicate ON and OFF. And when you’ve got enough charge and you’re dashing out the house, simply turn the tap to put it on standby!

Product Reviews

Juanita38, Forest Hill NSW


I loved this product, I finally pulled out my dead Fitbit after a year & it CHARGED IT up for me, So simple and easy as opposed to pulling out my laptop, turning it on & then connecting it all just so I can charge it .. & making sure the laptop is charged to charge it.. What a load of running around saved and my precious time saved too! Very impressed and recommend this product to anyone on the run looking for a quick charge for their IPhone, Fitbits, Ipod etc... You will love it too as much as I did!