8 x Latest Buys Dictionary Book Safe

About The Product

Ernest Hemingway once said that ‘there is no friend as loyal as a book’. Well, never a truer word was said when it comes to keeping secrets, especially the valuable ones. A dictionary is full of many words to describe your most prized possessions, but ‘stolen’ certainly won’t be one of them when you hide things inside this genius book safe.

Every home has a dictionary, but let’s be honest, when else does this essential book get consulted other than to argue a case of contested words in Scrabble? You can be pretty sure that no visitor – wanted or unwanted – will be pulling this phoney New English Dictionary off the shelf, making it a top secret location to keep some emergency cash or important documents stashed. Robust and unsuspecting, it’s much more stealthy than hiding things under the mattress…

Product Reviews

Amanda1452, Good Night QLD


This book safe is much sturdier than I imagined it would be before it arrived. Very secure and inconspicuous. It will be used very often, we are all fighting over who will use it first! Thanks very much, fantastic product

Denise641, Tweed Heads West NSW


A very good idea to keep small valuables safe such as passport etc. Fits in my book case and is hiding in plain sight. Thank you. Denise.

Dominique107, Highland Park QLD


Great product, outside feels and looks like a dictionary. Strong lock for inside with separate compartment for lock and key so fits in well on the bookshelf.